The Potter's Wheel

The Potter sat at break of day,
And gazed upon His chosen clay,
Then they began - the clay and He,
The dance of life, on spinning wheel.
With gentle hand and watchful eye,
The Potter caused the clay to rise.
But what is shapeless mound of grey?
So dance they must and so they stay. 

How to Turn Mourning into Dancing

When I’m out photographing it will often feel as if I am dancing… Oh I don’t mean physically, because when I look down my two big clumsy feet are firmly on the ground. But something on the inside of me is twirling and spinning and floating!

How to Treat a Scar

Scars are amongst the most hated things in the world - some physical, some emotional. People's desperate desire to wipe away a scar earns millions for many industries. Scars are treated with contempt. I have a few scars to show - childhood falls, stray ones from the occasional zit, cooking mishaps and more recently, a large scar from a surgery. Then there are the emotional scars - various shapes, sizes and really too many to list out.

The Power of Pre-Determined Decisions

Do you know that feeling of when you’re driving somewhere new and you’re running late for a really important meeting, or a dinner reservation you know you’ll lose if you don't get there on time? It’s stressful!! But then all of sudden you’re given a burst of confidence, because you googled the route before you left home and you know EXACTLY where you are going.

Finding Hope in Disappointment

In my final year of high school we would pray the Serenity Prayer daily. It guided us throughout the ups and downs of the tests and challenges that would come our way. It is funny how simple memories come back to guide us in the years to follow. Six years on, the beginning of 2017, a new year and ultimately a new fresh start, I found myself disappointed with God.

The Hidden Gems of Tasmania

Recently I had the opportunity to visit Tasmania. Famous for its pristine wilderness, the island state is an adventure seekers paradise and home to some of Australia's best kept travel secrets.
Here I will share with you my 'Must see' destinations. The secret is out!

Stir Up The Passion Again

Do you ever sometimes feel a little bit bored reading your bible, or a bit ‘out of touch’? You feel like you’re not inspired or motivated to read your bible or pray… I know I certainly do! However, I have found ways that have helped me to stir up that passion again and I hope you can too with what I have to share today.

Everywoman Gathering
Grounded in Gratefulness

American scholar and author Brene Brown (who is also my favourite social worker) wisely states “I don’t have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness - it’s right in front of me if I’m paying attention and practicing gratitude”.


The White Picket Fence

When I was in Indonesia, a man who had committed his entire life to serving God in a slum shared with me how he never wanted the “white picket fence” version of Christianity.  From there I embarked on a journey to discover what that actually looks like, gathering the ideas of believers in the bible and from those living in some of the hardest places to be a Christian today.

Life-Giving Words

Do you ever feel that you haven’t responded well to a person or a situation? You know there was a better outcome that could have been achieved. Or do you feel frustrated that conversations often end in conflict when your intention was to bring breakthrough or positive change? 

God Speaks and All is Well

At the end of 2016, I found myself completely exhausted. Mentally and physically drained by a year of stretching professionally in both positive and negative directions. Spiritually, however, God was my rock and I was determined to ‘not be shaken’ by whatever circumstances came my way.