I See Women

After completing C3 College in 1988 I went with Mark and Bernie Kelsey on the church plant to Long Island, New York. I was there for almost 14 incredible years, worked and lived in Manhattan until I was put on staff as an Associate then Assistant Pastor at C3 Long Island. It was the adventure of a lifetime. In 2003 I returned to Sydney and am now the Assistant Principal at C3 College - which I love!

In my role at College I get to go back to the US. This time I stopped in LA to catch up with some graduates, went back to NY to preach and to see dear friends and then onto Vegas for the conference.

On this trip here is what happened to me – I saw Women. I really saw Women.

In LA I saw Christine who is part of the C3 Silverlake Church plant and Heather who is helping Aimee Semple McPherson’s church set up a Bible College.

On Long Island I saw my friends Vicki, Jenn and Kim who have been pillars in that church for over 20 years , through all sorts of trials, standing strong. I saw Melissa who is only 30 and has been a Worship leader for 15 years! I saw Gabby who studied Visual Art at C3 College and is now their Youth Pastor.

In Manhattan I saw Jen and Kat – Pastoring and Event Coordinating with so much dedication, sacrifice and passion. I saw Melissa bravely building C3 Manhattan despite living in a construction zone almost two years after Hurricane Sandy.
In Vegas I saw Jack leading us into the very presence of God as she worshipped – and caught up with Jolie, Dalyce, Elise, Autumn, Amber and Sarah – all College girls who have moved across country or across the world to be core in church plants.

I saw Jill, Kay, Donna and Kathy walking a dear friend through tragedy.

I saw Leanne, Patti and Denise, Kelly, Judie, Sunny, Georgie, Keira, Nicole, Erica, Marlene, Casey, Jess and many many more.

Women are building the church – they are taking risks and stepping out. They are not the sidekicks to the guys- they are ministers of the gospel of Jesus in their own right. They are married and single - young and old – skinny and curvy - and they are magnificent.  

I saw women and I know Jesus sees Women too.