Under African Skies - by Rachael Dobra

It was an early morning prayer meeting at the Global Conference in KL where I felt a gentle whisper from God, a call to a small act of obedience. I felt to speak a word of encouragement to a young South African lady I was praying with, to share with her just a simple sentence, “I see God using your voice as a key part of your ministry”. I spent a moment wrestling with the thought of whether it was indeed God speaking or not, but decided to take the step of faith and share it with her. 

Fast forward 4 years and never would I have dreamed that I’d find myself in South Africa on an Impact Trip with my church, C3 Hepburn Heights, listening to this same girl give a Spoken Word at a women’s conference. The moment that I realised this was in fact the girl that I had prayed for in KL, left me overwhelmed at the goodness of God and was just one of many moments where God revealed the richness of His grace.  

After 11 hours on the “red-eye” flight from Perth, our team landed in Johannesburg in the early hours of the morning. Sleep-deprived, yet fuelled with anticipation we jumped straight in, joining a kids camp with 90 kids from the C3 Churches around Joburg. Our team was involved in running the ministry elements of the camp, as well as facilitating a leadership training session with the children’s pastors and their teams.

One of the many highlights was standing with a group of girls singing praise and worship songs, no instruments, just our voices. The raw talent of these beautiful daughters of God was incredible. Following the camp we were involved in a feeding program at one of the local C3 churches, reaching out to a group of homeless men in the area. In addition to the Women’s Gathering our team also joined in a number of the church programs and services across the weekend, spending time mentoring team members and leadership development. 

Never would I have imagined just how much of an impact this trip would have on me. I met the most remarkable people, their resilience and faith in God in the midst of extreme hardships was deeply inspiring. Their heart to serve others and reach out to those less fortunate than themselves, despite not having much themselves, was truly amazing! 

South Africa will always hold a special place in my heart, I will never forget this trip and am so thankful to God for another incredible adventure.



Rachael Dobra is the Kids Pastor at C3 Church Hepburn Heights. With a degree in psychology, Rachel has worked in Public School Chaplaincy for the past 8 years, and been involved in Kid’s Ministry for 12 years.