"What I See" – C3 Women, Everywoman

Welcome to our new Everywoman Website! 

We are a company of women whose lives have been magnificently changed by The Lord and whose voices are valued and respected. Women who are valued and respected in the church and the community at large. My picture of us as women is from Song of Songs 6:10:

Who is she....
Who looks forth as the dawn,
Clear as the sun... Fair as the moon...
Awesome as an army with banners!...

What a picture! What a woman!
She is a Visionary. She is a pure spirit. She shines in the night. She is a fighter! 

In recent years, I have sought to bring forth this image of who we in our various areas of influence, highlighting individual women through our gatherings and in the life of our churches.

I have seen this reproduced wherever I have travelled throughout our C3 conferences and weekend services! You are all significant influences and I am proud to share a part in your lives as your leader.

Every year, The Lord has clearly spoken to us and His desire has been to bring you forth, out of hiding, into a place of confidence and health. In order for this to truly happen we need to first be 'hidden' in Christ. In a secret place where He can speak to us! From here, we are able to step out and let our voice be heard and our face be seen! Fantastic!

A few days ago, I was in an airport lounge en-route home from five weeks away on "Chris Pringle's Missionary Journey"!!!  As I walked from a 15 hour flight towards the shower an attendant complimented me on my lovely scarf and handbag.

" How thoughtful", I thought.

On returning to the lounge, I ordered a light meal and was delighted when the same attendant brought it to me. I felt that quiet tug of the Holy Spirit to ask her if she knew The Lord. As I did her eyes welled up. I told her she was seen by God and that she was a great blessing where she worked. She said she had just been praying, and was feeling down as she had (in her words) a mean supervisor!

I told her that my husband was speaking at CHC that weekend and that our band was also leading the worship! She said she would LOVE to go!!!  Another one of her team also came to say hi and I commented how efficient this employee was, and kind.

I share this moment to illustrate that we are visionaries when our eyes are opened in every day life to see others and care as Jesus would. Surely our voices here, are as significant as when we are on a large platform. As we love the 'one's' - God will entrust to us the 'thousand's'. 

As we plan towards all our Everywoman Gatherings I encourage you to ask The Lord to open our eyes to see and hear the voices of others. I know there is gold in your midst.  Just "tap that rock"! Let the gold flow.

Recently, as I chatted to one of our European Pastors she told me how surprised she was when she had asked some 'unknown' girls to speak. "They were fantastic.  Confident and clear minded!" She said.

That's what I am talking about. Release the gold from within!

The revolution has begun. Women are rising on the earth. In every nation, in every culture, in every language. Glorious voices filled with color, imagination, beauty, wisdom and revelation. 

I am excited, that through social media, we can share our insights and keep our message clear and united in purpose. We cannot always gather together  geographically, but we can gather together through our stories and connection right here.

We are going to see thousands of women saved and added to the church in these years. The fields are white - 'bright white', as one translation says. 

I am standing with you in all you put your hand to.  I am praying God's finest and sweetest anointing be poured upon you.  I am seeing a glorious company of women of all generations, united in one purpose -to be HIS voice, to be HIS face ... on this earth. 

I see you, seeking His presence over your life every day " in the quiet, in the silence".
I see you, being the women God has destined you to be.
I see you, being the  'big hug' to all you meet.  

Until we meet again, I love you and thank God for you.

 xxx Pastor Chris xxx