Frances "Frankie" Dawe, An Artisan of God's Heart

I am always captivated by the way Frankie articulates life and great truths, unravels wisdom and beauty in others and discovers the depths of God’s love in what she sees all around her. When I see Frankie’s art, hear her voice and see her reach I am deeply impacted and can’t help but wonder about the story our Creator is crafting through her life. She isn’t the type of person to attach a bio but if I had the honour I would call her an artisan of God’s heart. And after asking her how she connects with God, I realize it’s because He’s the artisan of hers. She gave Him her whole heart as a babe and has clung to Him as a lifelong companion. I am drawn to God just by reading her story.

Frankie, how and when did you first discover God?

As clear as crystal, I recall the moment of my first personal encounter with God at four years of age. With chaos around me, I simply asked God to help me sleep. He spun a cocoon of rest around me and I recall waking in the morning so refreshed and recovered that surely I must have woken in a different world.

This tiny miracle of recovery of order from chaos and peace has powerfully impacted my life. Like a diamond ring, this encounter with God had clarity, substance and sparkle. My perspective seemed renewed and as the morning sun warmed the leadlight window frames in my bedroom and the sunlight danced in the facets of the cut glass; they seemed together, to sing me a lullaby of diamonds and precious metal. What perfection for a little girl who was in this moment discovering how much God loved her. I was deeply transformed in this childhood experience of God.

Since that first morning He continues to be my first waking thought; and the lullaby of precious metal and diamonds became like a diamond ring around my soul.

What’s one thing that’s happened this week that’s caused you to stop and experience God?

Most weeks you will find me swimming with the whiting and kingfish between Queenscliff Beach and Manly Point. My ocean journey along the beach is one of ducking, weaving and riding the currents. I find that some waves no matter how large you can float over while still swimming yet some even though small are already breaking and I need to dive deep to avoid the turbulence.

Navigating my way along the beach this week I was meditating on how like swimming the ocean, often the toughest challenge in the Kingdom of God is being positioned correctly. So part of my daily devotional practice is to check in with God on my GPS (God’s Perfect Spot). I have found that when I seek God first He gives me the wisdom of position, preparing me for opportunity and change. When I’m in this sweet spot I’m both positioned in God and positioned in purpose and there’s a supernatural power which makes riding the currents and waves in our lives possible.

A house is built by wisdom becomes strong through good sense.
— Proverbs 24:3

I love that despite the longevity of Frankie’s relationship with God, she continues to marvel at Him and His ways. One way Frankie expresses her journey with Him is through art and her upcoming exhibition is Wednesday 24 September 2014, at Quorra, cnr York & Barrack St, Sydney. For exhibition details follow @francesdaweartist.