Wendy Simpson Spends Her Days Co-creating With God

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If it wasn’t for her sincere smile and genuine demeanour, one could meet Wendy Simpson and be utterly intimidated by her capacity, success and intellect. Not only in the global business arena where she has had success too vast for my word count, she was also awarded in February 2013 an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for her work with disadvantaged young people and a range of women’s groups and has recently been appointed to the Board of World Vision Australia.

However, just like you and I, Wendy is a woman who has and continues to face less than ideal realities, challenges, insecurities, concerns and setbacks. Her secret is, she has taken the pressure off. Instead of striving to please the big performance reviewer up in the sky (which is how many of us view God), she has embraced God’s grace and friendship with a childlike heart, and spends her days co-creating with Him, doing the works she was purposefully and perfectly designed to do. And that’s why Wendy Simpson is such a hit.

Wendy, how has a woman of your calibre and high-level ambition kept a soft, childlike heart for God amidst the pressures you have faced?

I grew up with very humble circumstances and so from an early age I learned to appreciate and value every offer of help for myself, and my family. In my teenage years, I realised that on the face of it, I was not likely to be a successful or high profile person. In fact, I was the first Christian businesswoman I knew! Yet I knew God had placed something in me that couldn’t accept the status quo. I had to pay attention to the ambition and drive God had placed within me and see that as positive. I read two books alongside each other – the Bible and the feminist book, The Female Eunuch. I came to the conclusion that asking God to show me why he had put that ambition in me was the best way to live my life.

I love your revelation of co-creating with God, however I believe there are many women who aren’t quite sure what they are meant to be co-creating. Do you have any thoughts for women on this journey?

I’m in Israel right now and being here has reminded me again that in Australia, we think too small. Israeli’s naturally think big. Some of my Jewish friends told me that was because they have a more integrated approach to faith and work. When we focus on the magnificence and majesty of God it takes us to a higher level. When we seriously understand that the God of ALL creation has invited us to co-create with him it is so exhilarating. Our highest purpose is to be friends of God and our role is to delight in Him, to walk with Him and as we do that we start to see the world through His eyes. One of the main reasons He created humans is so we can do things with Him. If the world’s wealthiest and most influential man offered to invest all his wisdom and resources in you so together with him you could achieve your life’s purpose – would that spark you to scope out a small life or a big life? When we realise we don’t have to live out life alone, that we have direct access to all the resources of heaven then it changes how we see ourselves, and the purpose of our lives. We don’t have to expect a safe, small life, we can have a big life! 

It’s encouraging to discover that one of the first steps for Wendy was making peace with who God created her to be. And Wendy’s revelation of the bigness of God inspires me. What’s God put in your heart? Know that as you work in sync with Him all the resources of Heaven are available to you.