The Moment of Breakthrough

For the earth shall be full of the knowledge of The Lord as the waters cover the sea
— Isaiah 11:9

Friday 8th May 2014

Today we bought a building.
Today we won.
Today we can exhale because the fight is over!

The biggest thing I learnt in our journey to purchase the Silverwater building was, yes God is sovereign; however in many cases there is timing in the release of the break through that comes out of us.

The journey to buy Silverwater can be broken down into several key turning points:

The moment when God shifted our perspective, and rather than viewing the building as a rental we were moving out of, we saw it anew as the promised land that God wanted us to own! Amazing how God can flip our view to see an old thing as new.

The moment we recognised we had slipped into neutral in our fight, a dangerous place where momentum is void.

The moment we had an awakening, we felt The Lord say "Now is the time" and so we prayed and declared this promise over our circumstance, though the enemy was closing in and circling round, we knew it was ours and we knew it was now!

Isaiah 11:9 "For the earth shall be full of the knowledge of The Lord as the waters cover the sea."
That means the wind and the waves and the mountains know his name too and will respond to His name. Nothing defies the word of The Lord!

When we heard the contract was signed we knew it was by the prayers of the saints, the diligence of the team and the generosity of the church. In some small, yet significant way, the faith and the fight coming out of this little pastor’s heart, knowing against all odds "now was the time".

Never underestimate the power of your voice, your prayer and your faith to turn the circumstance.

The purchase of Silverwater is a stake in the ground for our wider church; a great victory. God will build His church and the gates of hell will not prevail.


Nat Taylor