The Invisible She Project

This year I have found myself out on the waters of a God whisper.  

Some of you have heard me speak about The Invisible She Project.  For those of you who haven’t, the Invisible She Project is a collaboration of craft and cloth bringing expression through words, garments, pictures, illustrations and stories, the identity of a woman.

I have discovered that there is heavenly provision for our identity. 

There is a cry from our creator to discover and wear the garments He has made to clothe and perfect our broken humanity.

For it is the strategy of the enemy to cover the beauty of a woman.  

It is the intent of heaven to clothe a woman and put her beauty on display.

Too often we fall captive to the same trap Adam and Eve did and labor to cover our imperfection with the coverings of this world.  

For them it was fig leaves, for us it can be relationships, drugs, performance, success. Sometimes our children are our fig leaves we hide behind.  Sometimes it’s our good works or our success. For me there have been so many fig leaves, displeasing to God.  And the Lord ever so gently begins to strip them away.  Sometimes it’s painful, sometimes it’s liberating.  

He is not pleased with fig leaves, but he doesn’t leave us naked. He never did. For Adam and Eve he pierced the first animal and made them garments of leather. For us he pierced the heart of His one and only son, and stripped Him of His garments life and light to clothe us.  

That is the heart of this project. The Son’s wardrobe is rich and wonderful, and has been custom fitted for each one of us.

As I have studied the pages of God’s word I have found almost 20 heavenly garments we are counseled to wear.

With a team of beautiful creative people we are endeavoring to bring these garments to life through poetry, teaching, fashion, photography and illustration.  We have included the stories from women who have learnt to wear these beautiful qualities, and the stories of women who have stripped off ugly coverings in exchange for heavenly garments.

You can watch this project come to life by subscribing to the Invisible She Project. 

But for now, click on the link below and watch the heart of this project expressed on screen.

With much love,

Kirrily Lowe xx

Pastor Kirrily will speaking at C3 Silverwater's Everywoman Event this coming Friday 19th September. For more details please contact the church office on 02 9748 5700 or email