Freely You Have Received, Freely Give!

As you go preach the message, the Kingdom of heaven is near. Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.
— Matthew 10:7-8

I recently had the privilege of travelling to the Philippines with the Young Adults Missions trip from C3 Oxford Falls. This was my first time visiting an Asian country and my first overseas missions trip. I had a lot of mixed emotions … from excitement to experiencing anxiety as the time drew closer to the trip. I knew I was in for a trip of a lifetime and couldn’t wait to get on the ground. 

We helped at the C3 Philippines Leaders conference and it was an honour to serve our leaders in Asia. I was the conference Service Director, and in this role I was able to use the ‘little’ I had learnt from interning in the creative office with Jackson Spalding. I realised from this experience that it does not matter how much you know but more importantly, what you do with what you know. God will always take what you have and multiply it. On the ground we did not have the same resources as we have in Sydney, but I discovered that with a great team anything is possible. We managed to run a successful conference each one of us playing a vital role from the camera operator to the catcher. It was wonderful to see how when we worked together as a team we formed strong bonds. Much to Ps Justin Richards excitement he invited us to be a part of his church plant team in Manilla, however some of us could not accept as we are still studying at C3 College

We visited a slum village in Pasig which is in Manila. We were all overwhelmed, being confronted by the poverty that left some of us at first feeling hopeless. On our way home in the maxi taxi a group of us discussed how we could bring hope and leave the community better off. We discussed a few options and in the end we all agreed that giving people the gift of Jesus is the best gift to give anyone because even when people are left with nothing they will always have eternal life. We personally did not have enough time or money, but we realised that we were carrying the most precious resource … the power and love that comes from heaven. The revelation that I am a Kingdom carrier changed how I interacted with people on the trip.
After a two night break at Bohol we drove to C3 Cabanatuan for our last leg of the trip. I was to share my testimony at Cabanatuan. I immediately fell in love with this church as there was such an amazing hunger in the young women there. We ran a workshop on Evangelism, Worship, Youth ministry and Creative ministry. Here again was another opportunity to share and give what I had been given. After Hannah Clark and I spoke on Creative ministry and its relevancy in the church one of the guys from Cabanatuan asked me if I was the boss of C3 Oxford Falls creative. I told him ‘no’ but I found this humbling because even though I had spoken for less than 20 minutes, his view on Creative ministry had changed. He had discovered how he could add to his church by using his gifts. 

…The little you have is someone else’s basketful. 

What is it that God has given you that you need to pass on? This experience moved me from being a servant to a steward. I came to understand that it’s not enough just to serve but that I must also be responsible to giveaway all that God has freely given to me; and when I do this, then I have become a steward. 



My name is Tadiwa Martin. I am currently studying at C3 College. I am in my second year and will graduate with a diploma in Contemporary Visual Arts. I serve at my local church C3 Oxford Falls under the Creative team and the Young Adults team. I have been blessed with the gift of designing and I have created a jewellery making business called House of Bantu. I am excited about sharing this gift with other women around the world. I am passionate about seeing women set free and getting empowered to walk into their destinies using their gifts. I also have a passion to see our generation rise up and take ownership of our God given destinies.