Why fulfilling a dream by yourself just won't work

Words By Sheralyn Bucknell

On Mother’s Day I preached a message I titled “The Last Laugh”, about the laugh of unbelief and the laugh of victory….

Abraham and Sarah desperately desired a child and despite many promises from God, 25 years later there was still no sign of a baby. Now they were 90 and 100 years old - impossible they thought, and their bodies confirmed it. In a desperate attempt to build a family, Sarah gave up waiting and suggested that Abraham sleep with her maidservant. Dumb plan Sarah! Needless to say it failed miserably and both maid and child had to go.

Have you ever tried to fulfill your dream yourself, instead of waiting for God, creating a bigger mess and being in more pain than you were previously? When I was 19 I lied about my age to get a job. In the moment I chose an older girlfriend’s birthdate (a very blonde moment in my pre-Christian days). Once employed I discovered that the company made a fuss of everyone’s birthdays with a lunchtime BBQ and a gift – so each year my birthday was celebrated on a completely different day, and on my real birthday I had to keep it a secret. Torture. In my desire to fix my problem, I created a bigger and messier one!
Like Sarah, maybe there is an area of your life that is a long time coming or long overdue – salvation of a family member or spouse, a healing, a financial breakthrough, finding a life partner, the return of a wayward child. The years have passed and still there is no sign of anything changing, and now it feels nothing short of impossible. Rather than faith, you have pain and discouragement and even confusion as to where your promise is hiding. Following God wholeheartedly guarantees that our faith will be tested and it is then we discover that LIFE WILL LET US DOWN, BUT GOD WILL NEVER LET US DOWN. We learn to trust in Jesus, we learn to depend upon his word. If God has said it, then He will do it, no matter how overdue or impossible it seems.
Sarah laughed in unbelief in Genesis 18:9-15 when God told her she would have a baby called Isaac the following year. She thought “I am old and worn out, Abraham is too old - can’t see it happening”. When God challenged her she lied and said “I did not laugh”, but He said, “Yes, you did laugh.”  We can’t fool God. We are either in faith or we are not!

God eventually did as he said and Sarah got to laugh the sweetest laugh of all – the laugh of victory.

Genesis 21:1 – Now the Lord was gracious to Sarah as he had said, and the Lord did for Sarah what he had promised.  Vs 6: Sarah said, God has brought me laughter and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me.”

The name Isaac means ‘to laugh” – a forever reminder of the faithfulness of God. When we keep believing and follow him with all our heart, we will always get the last laugh together.

Sheralyn Bucknell
Sheralyn is a Staff Pastor at C3 Church Oxford Falls and also a trained fitness instructor & sports masseuse. She has an Advanced Diploma in Ministry, Diploma of Community Services and is currently completing her Bachelor of Social Science in Social Welfare.