5 Travel Hacks To Being A Seasoned Jetsetter

Words and images: Tracey Berry

Dreaming of your next travel destination? Me too!

For some reason, I’m often asked for everyday tips so here with wanderlust dreams in the making are a few travel tips including my top five.

Plan & Prepare

Besides the obvious - booking flights & accommodation - research your destinations. It’s a good idea to make sure YOU are ready for the adventures ahead.

None of this, “I won’t be long I’m just waxing MY BIKINI LINE”…mais non! Instead, be first in line at Le Louvre because you’re waxed, eyelashes are tinted, hair treated, nails the perfect neutral colour (that way chips are hardly visible) and eyebrows perfectly shaped. Hot tip - remember to also pack tweezers in checked luggage.

Ensure a recent dental checkup; the last thing you need while travelling is pesky root canal!

Less is More

The stats are high. Every travel story, anecdote, blog or conversation almost always mentions packing less. Let’s face it, the less you take the more “Oh this, I bought it in Paris” wonderful treasures will fit in your suitcase.

This means there’s no room for full size toiletries; swap them for travel size or purchase empty containers to fill with your favorite products.

Pack Savvy

My beautiful Grandma taught me to roll & softly fold to avoid crushing. For example, to protect delicate fabrics, roll a few items together and place in the fold of a jumper then in the fold of pants/jeans, which will avoid creases too.

And a handy time saver is to separate your toiletries and medical for an easy find.

A carry-on bag for long flights should include underwear, socks for cold tootsies, a jacket or wrap, toiletries for a fresh arrival face, eye mask for sleeping, a change of clothes if you can squeeze in & of course the all important phone charger with adaptor.

Many countries don’t have irons in hotel rooms to protect ancient buildings from fire. Ironing Aid spray is found at supermarkets; it’s cheap, small and works a treat.

Be a space-ace and pop your hair straightener/curler in the fold of tops/jumpers and place socks in shoes.



My Top 5 Travel Hacks

1.    Your country of origin power board + destination country power adaptor, enabling your phone, laptop, hairdryer, hair straightener etc to be fully charged. Label both with permanent marker & you’re sure to notice your name when leaving.

2.    Space bags have seen me squeeze in just that little bit more and zip locks (wish I invented them) are tremendous for leak proofing, protecting travel documents and those left over macarons for the train trip to the South of France.

3.    Consider your outfit for the flight: is it comfortable? And if your suitcase goes missing, will the leisure suit be appropriate for your first meeting or soiree?

4.    Like Hansel & Gretel, finding your way back requires a little ingenuity especially when all signs are in a language you haven’t quite mastered. Take a photo of the metro entrance, train number, signpost etc and you’ll never be lost again.

5.    Pack a complete outfit in your travelling companion's suitcase in the event your luggage goes missing! This overheard from a very loud (I won’t mention nationality) person while waiting at the Paris Rail Station…genius!

 Bonne journee!

x x Tracey

TRACEY BERRY loves travelling & experiencing the people, food & architecture that comes with it!
Her other great loves are styling & photography which she combines with being a Staff Pastor at C3 Church Oxford Falls and Board Director for Oxford Falls Grammar School. She is married to Jeff and they have 3 beautiful grown-up children. Tracey's next adventure will be taking place in the stunning Avalon Beach where she and Jeff are launching a new C3 Church Oxford Falls Service starting soon!
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