A NEW CHAPTER (it’s never too late)

Words by Annette Kelsey

Although I have been highly creative in one form or another most of my life, it has always been ‘as well as’ my ‘real job'. The 'real job' took many forms - from teacher to chambermaid, sales rep to missionary (with the Maria Von Trapp in Papua New Guinea!), lay pastor to management in corporate life etc etc.

One year ago I was retrenched from my very busy corporate life. This was not a negative at all but rather the fulfillment of a long held dream! I had prayed ’Father, it would be awesome if I could receive a payout at 65, qualify for the aged pension benefits and be financially positioned to be a full time artist.’ Well... this is what came about. 

With God it is never too late. 

We are living longer, and for me at 65, it could be possible to have another 30 years. That is a whole other adult life in which we can fulfill the dreams God has placed in our hearts. In fact many creatives do their best work in their later years.

Another Chapter

Another chapter
of my life
long held hopes
broken pieces
for my attention
Leave behind
the unsolvable
begin again
the renewable
embrace again
the undeniable
seek again
the unbelievable
you have my attention

My vision as an artist is to paint and write poetry for the everyman. To give people who have not owned a piece of original art an affordable opportunity to do so.

J S Bach signed his work ‘Soli Deo Gloria’ (To the Glory of God). My greatest desire is to produce work that has the touch of God on it.

The Shell

I came across a tiny shell
Its colours were sublime
The patterns told a wondrous tale
In each and every line
Inside was just as marvellous
The creature now had gone
But as I held it to my ear
The ocean sang a song
How can beauty such as this
Just wash up on the sand
And speak to me eternal things
While resting in my hand

The creative space is my God space. Poetry can carry a profound message in a few simple lines. Freud once said, ‘Everywhere I go I find a poet has been there before me’

The Tree

At the front of my place
is a big old tree
It calls to the birds
'Come rest in me'
Its branches are full
of berries and treats
The birds sing for joy
They have plenty to eat
Oh that my life
would be like that tree
Giving shelter to all
and provision for free
Shade from the heat
and a safe place to rest
Steadfast and grounded
Where all would be blessed


Annette Kelsey (Annie) has been part of C3 Church since the 1980s in Sydney, New York and Canberra. She is now happily a full time artist and published poet! Annie also teaches watercolour at C3 College Oxford Falls.

Instagram @anniekelsey | Website annettekelsey.com

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