Tribal Life - Moments

About 15 months ago we found out we were expecting child number seven. To say we were shocked was an understatement we really thought we were done (yes we do know how it works). All of a sudden our car and house were going to be too small. The how is this going to work thought came to mind... but in that moment I chose to activate faith. Faith for me is a knowing that all things work out for the good of those who love Him and for me they always do and this would be no different. Instantly I felt a rush of peace and the feeling that this baby has purpose, has a future and has a reason for being born into our family and being born altogether.

So fast-forward and our prince is now almost 7 months old I'm trying to savor each passing moment with him. He has stolen a piece of my heart that I feel was reserved all along just for him. He smiles and lights up the room, he engages with everyone he meets and seems to win people over to himself. I believe it's a gift that is on his life that will stay with him. Though his life has brought changes it's as though nothing has changed. Though it's not easy, it's also not hard. Though it takes me to the edge at times, I've never felt so centered.

Our family generally attracts attention (thankfully mostly positive). It's funny to us that people find it so fascinating because to us it's our normal and in amongst the chaos, mess, noise and meltdowns (I'm just thinking about my own.... lol), there is organization, neatness, quiet and calm.

It takes faith to parent, to raise and to guide a child. It takes A LOT of faith to raise seven!  My faith and my capacity has been stretched more than I could imagine yet I still doubt myself at times but I know I cannot live in that place. I have to roll with the punches even if they take the wind out of me which there are moments they do. I heard once there is no room for guilt in parenting and it's so true. As mums and as women we need to be kind to ourselves, and to also not look across and think that family has it all together. The comparison game is one I've trained myself not to play. There is no winner in that game.

I write this as my baby boy sits and plays at my feet he will not sleep today and wants to be held or in arms distance of me. He has no idea that I am completely running behind on my week and it's only Monday. My 4 year old has dressed up as a clown and my 3 year old and her are in hysterics running around playing. I'm waiting for the collision and crying as they have not listened to my advice to slow it down, but in the interim they are happy so I remind myself to enjoy the moment.  My eldest 4 have started back at school after a 2 week holiday this means we are now entering into the last term and the end stretch of the year which means life is about to go up a level in busyness and the holiday season is fast approaching which equals more commitments and a fuller schedule and I honestly enter in hesitantly as I know it's a taxing time of year.  

But despite all of this I know there are 2 things that I need to make it through and finish the year well.  The first being faith. When I step out bravely in faith that rush of peace always comes 'everything works for the good of those that love him'.

The second is I need moments. Moments with my nearest and dearest, my friends and my family. Moments in Him. Moments in worship. Moments in The Word. Moments when I'm still and I trust that he is God that he is I AM.  Moments that I steal during the craziness of my day and moments that I'm purposeful in. My most purposeful moment that is just around the corner is the Everywoman Gathering 2016. It will be a time where all of what I mentioned above is woven together to create one massive God multitasking moment of refreshing, faith building, peace filling, joy restoring goodness.

Yes, it's a sacrifice. Anything of benefit mostly comes with a cost, a cost of time, money and organizing the tribe but I know it's worth it so I make it happen. I seize the moment because it makes me a better daughter, a better wife, a better mother and a better friend.

About Amanda Regler

Wife to Dylan Regler mother of 7 Jayda, Kaylan, Nyah, Amaya, Mycah, Halyn and Akyas. Pastor of C3 Bankstown.  Passionate about cooking and preparing beautiful food and spending QT with my favourite people.

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