Why Everywoman is for Every Girl

The Everywoman Gathering is major event on the C3 Youth Calendar and is a time we regard with extreme importance, encouraging every girl to register and experience conference.

It is priceless for our youth to gather as part of the wider church and experience worship and the word amongst a multigenerational gathering. We must also recognize the importance of nourishing the souls of our girls and teaching them to value their femininity and God given destiny as daughters of His house. In a world that praises promiscuity, sensuality, aggression and fame within our young women, it is essential for them to see beautiful, godly and wise female role models, glean from their experiences and find healthy aspirations. Throughout youth we hear testimony after testimony about the amazing work God does in the hearts of our girls during conference, birthing dreams deep within them while breathing His confidence and love into their souls.

Through attending the Everywoman Gathering throughout my teenage years, I have always come away feeling refreshed, secure in His word and having seen a company of astonishing, beautiful, Christ centered women who remain my role models today.

Testimony by Charissa Hickson

“As a senior student, there’s one question you’re bound to be asked at regular intervals.

 “Do you know what you want to be once you leave school?”

And when you don’t have the answer, the fear that follows has the potential to be crippling. I showed up to Everygirl in 2015, my head wrapped up in what career I should be pursuing, and relying on a secure answer for an assuredness in my identity. An expectation I held, that God would simply tell me where to go and thus where I would end up, was challenged by the truth of an attentive God who encourages us to dream boldly.

Spending time designed for encounters, the revelation that giving our dreams to Him is not giving them up, but placing them in safety, brought an immeasurable peace that became significant when completing my final years of school.”

-       Charissa Hickson





About Olivia Connell
Olivia has been a member of C3 Church Oxford Falls for almost 10 years and was raised in a Christian home is Sydney. She is passionate about seeing people empowered to live out their God given destiny and walking closely with Him. Olivia is the Connect Pastor of C3 Youth while also working as Senior School Chaplain at OFGS.