The Gathering... Mum and Daughter Together

As a Mum, it is my prayer and desire that my kids develop their own relationship with God that they believe because they know without a doubt that God is real, God is love and God is truth!

EveryGirl provides my daughter Talia a special opportunity to know God, to worship him and to develop a relationship with him for herself. She is creative, she loves to worship and she loves connection. EveryGirl is a beautiful chance for her to make great friendships and connections that, I hope, will last and give her some great friends through some crucial years ahead. 

I personally enjoy coming to Everywoman, to connect with my girlfriends, hear amazing speakers, to get myself out of the daily grind and dare to dream! The last two years I have brought Talia along with me to come to EveryGirl, this has been something that for both of us has been special, it is something that we both look forward to together, we plan, we dream, we connect over it. At the end of the day it something we have to share, we can talk about God, dreams, what we learnt, new friendships and it provides a beautiful connection and space for the two of us to bond and be honest with each other, it builds our relationship with God and with each other.

I want to encourage all parents to invest in their kids relationship with God, set them up for truth, hope and love, if you have a daughter, come together to Everywoman make it a special memorable experience that you can share! 









About Karen McNatty

Karen and her husband Dean came to C3 Oxford Falls from New Zealand in 2001 to study at the School of Creative Arts at C3 College. Apart from a two-year period back in NZ they have been part of the C3 community ever since. They have two beautiful children Talia (8) and Levi (7). During this time in C3 they have served in youth, the worship team and kids ministry. Karen works as a Transport Engineer and enjoys a good movie to relax!

Everywoman Gathering