Nothing is Impossible

Recently I had the privilege of travelling to Sri Lanka alongside Ps Richard and Kate Forsyth and Ps Chris Pringle for the 10th Year Anniversary of Child Action Lanka. Child Action Lanka is an organisation run by Ps Deborah and Dilshan Edirisinghe, Pastors of C3 Kandy. Their vision is to see "the next generation off the streets" and they are indeed seeing this vision come to pass.

In the City of Kandy, they have seen over 90% of the children and families who were living on the streets now living with a roof over their head and receiving the education they need for a bright future! 10 years ago, this vision of Ps Deborah Edirisinghe's was seen as laughable. In Kandy you would find homeless children and their mothers lining the streets, how on earth could this be changed?

Often in our own lives or in the world we live we see things that look impossible to change. Maybe things have been that way for so long we can't imagine it any differently, or maybe the problem just looks too overwhelming for us to do anything about it? 

Ps Deborah and Dilshan Edirisinghe had no idea what the future was going to look like for Child Action Lanka. They didn't know that in 10 years’ time they would be educating, feeding and helping over 1500 children in 5 different cities within Sri Lanka. Knowing their vision they simply went to work - Helping family after family and finding a way to provide good education for children who so desperately wanted it. They would have children lining up at 5am simply to receive extra tuition as they knew it was their key to change their future.

We serve a God who makes the impossible possible. Mark 10:27 "Jesus looked at them and said, with man it is impossible, but not with God. For all things are possible with God."

When I hear stories like this, my faith rises and I remember who our God is and what He can do. There is nothing that is impossible with Him. Maybe you have a vision to see your family come to Christ or maybe God has placed a burden on your heart to use what is in your hand to impact the lives of others. I encourage you to bring it to God in prayer and see what action He wants you to take. 

Imagine what a company of women would look like, who weren't afraid of the impossible. We might just see God doing through us what He does best - making the impossible, possible! 


About Nicolette Farnham

Nicolette is a staff member of C3 Oxford Falls. She loves getting to serve her church both during the week and on weekends. One of her favourite things is music and using it to glorify God. She completed 3 years of C3 College studying creative ministry and worship leading.