Tribal Life - Now is the Time

Two weeks ago was our annual Everywoman Gathering themed 'NOW IS THE TIME.'

I stood in worship and in awe of My Lord. I sat and absorbed the preaching and teaching, all of it phenomenal and I marveled at the beauty of the historic Town Hall and could tangibly feel the history and the stories these stunningly crafted walls could tell. Honestly even in all the amazingness there was a head full of distractions, the mental to do list that the clock was ticking against....

In the natural my mind kept being pulled in different directions. Even at one stage my stomach was controlling my mind, no breakfast meant lunch couldn't of come quick enough! Though in the natural I felt distracted we can never underestimate what is happening in the spiritual, in the supernatural. I came away in the natural a little tired after a big couple of days but I came away super refreshed in my spirit. I came away in the natural still trying to process all the gold I had heard, that had blurred together but in my spirit I was sensing very clearly 'Now is the Time', the time to push through, the time to stand up, the time to heed the call, the time to stretch even more, the time to equip myself, the time to go to a new level. 

Sometimes it's not the words that are said but the spirit and the atmosphere that it is imparted.

In the last 7 days since everywoman my husband and I have made 3 major decisions. 3 things that will stretch us in every direction, 3 decisions that will cost us in time and finances, 3 decisions that will require faith, endurance and self-discipline.

One of these may seem like a small thing to some but to a family our size that already has a full schedule and big commitments it's truly a stretch. We have decided to host an alpha course in our home for our newer Christians that attend c3 Bankstown because we love them and we want to see their foundation in Christ cemented. In the natural it's not convenient, it's going to make a full week fuller, it's going to push us to be more organized and it will require more out pouring from the inner well.

My husband and I have also decided to study next year. I'm not sure exactly what this will look like or how we even propose to fit this in! We are already pastors, in the natural we could be content in that, but that same whisper rises up in my spirit ‘now is the time’, the time to dig deeper to equip ourselves.

Another decision I will share in due time (no it's not another baby), it will also be a massive stretch of faith which in the natural it looks impossible and foolish but my spirit whispers ‘now is the time - trust me’. I know God is faithful, not as he is faithful like that faithfulness is a mere attribute but rather God IS faithful as he IS love as he IS peace.

In the natural it's never the right time but seriously, when is the right time? It doesn't exist! In the spiritual though there is a whisper, you can hear it if you tune your ear to the right frequency. It’s a quiet, still, calm few words that if we took hold of has the power to change lives, not just our own but countless others. 'Now is the time.' It's time to pull that thing out of you that you keep pushing to the side, to stand up, to put your hand up, to step out, to start, to finish, to restart, to go to a new level. Even if it's a scary venture, Joyce Myer says 'Do it afraid.'

NOW IS THE TIME my friend.



About Amanda Regler

Wife to Dylan Regler mother of 7 Jayda, Kaylan, Nyah, Amaya, Mycah, Halyn and Akyas. Pastor of C3 Bankstown.  Passionate about cooking and preparing beautiful food and spending QT with my favourite people.