She Leads

Hey friends,

Just recently we hosted our 18th annual Everywoman Gathering in the heart of Sydney at the iconic Town Hall building, and it was magnificent!

Our theme was ‘Now is the Time’, an accurate theme indeed! Now is the time more than ever, as we see a world exploding with incredibly heartbreaking oppression, challenges globally and locally and tough times for many families and individuals.

As leaders in our given arenas of influence, we all need to hear words of strength, courage and wisdom for life. This is our heart and vision to impart something to you that would help, equip, and inspire you to step up like never before.

Here are a few thoughts for you from my recent message at our She Leads gathering. I pray they would bless and encourage you! 


1.     It’s not time to be insecure in your leadershipwe need to know who we are.

Recently I was speaking to some leaders and pastors and found myself saying a statement that was not in my notes. I said with passion, ”What the world needs now is secure leaders”…suddenly I found myself ‘off grid’ but ‘on point!’ I love what Paul de Yong says regarding insecurity: “Isolate insecurity before it isolates you!” Insecurity in your leadership will cause you to be uncertain, anxious, full of self-doubt, judgmental, controlling, un-teachable and small thinking…just to name a few unpleasant qualities. Secure leaders (and what a joy these people are to be around!) are able to celebrate others, to release others, to lift others up. Secure leaders see others, believe in others and can let others go first. Lead securely and with kindness and you will lead well.  


2.     It’s not time to compare or compete.

Comparison is a joy thief and robs you of confidence. It locks you into thinking that you are never enough and you don’t have enough. Competing is tiring and drains you of energy – unless, of course, you are competing in the Olympics – then just do it! But when it comes to life in general I believe it’s time to celebrate one another, which then opens up doors of collaboration with one another. Use your energy to locate the best in others, celebrating their potential and keep your eyes open to the ones that God puts in your life to work with. Ecclesiastes 4:9-11 says two are better than one …we truly are better together!


3.    It’s not time to shrink back!

It’s time to find your BRAVE! Thank you Holly Wagner for the timely reminder! How many times in your day does fear come knocking on the door of your heart? Let’s not be the kind of girl that opens the door when fear knocks, causing us to shrink back and give way to fear. The purpose of fear is to cause you to stop, bringing with it a failure to progress in your purpose or your mission. The good news is fear has been banished from your life.

1 John 4:18 says, “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.”

FEAR NOT sweet friend! Step up and step out!

In this beautiful season of Christmas, as we celebrate the greatest gift given to mankind, Jesus our Saviour, let us reset our hearts to embrace freedom, joy and peace. Celebrate the good news message that you are loved, esteemed and highly favoured of the Lord. You are secure, worthy & brave to move forward into 2017. We wait in anticipation to see you rise and go from strength to strength and glory to glory.


Much love and Merry Christmas,

Ps Bernie  


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