Style You Beautiful

Beautiful - This is the word I use to describe our God. In everything He creates, everything He gives, and all of who He is, is beautiful.

Radiant, majestic, beauty.

Because I see Him as beautiful, I desire to seek & pull out the beauty in everything & everyone I meet.

Inspiration is everywhere! Beauty is everywhere! If only we have open eyes to see it.
It's hard to stay in a negative state when your eyes are fixed on something beautiful. So choose to seek out His beauty in everyday.

" gaze upon the beauty of The Lord ..." Psalm 27:4

For me, beauty and style go hand in hand.

Styling has a wide circumference in my world. In all its many forms, styling excites me! It is a part of who I am as well as what I do.

I love to "style" everything. Whether that is people, places or flowers.

I enjoy creating excellence in environments and spaces through atmosphere & decor. My first job, at a young age was in a florist and although I have done many other occupations since then, I still love it! Flowers stand beautiful in their own simple right and to teach others how to be creative with them makes me smile for days.

I also love finding gifts, wrapping them & watching people’s delight as I give them! Every part is of this is enjoyably creative for me.

Styling, in just the right way that the unique beauty of a person or object shines out, brings me great joy.

When styling women, my greatest desire is to see them discover and embrace their own true beauty and to have fun expressing it! Every size, shape & colour!

As Cindy Trimm puts it in her book, The 40 Day Soul Fast,

“…relax into the beautiful you God created you to be and worship Him in that beauty...”

 Be your beautiful, discover your uniqueness & embrace it!

And a smile is always the greatest accessory. Try having a bad day after choosing to wear a smile …

Style goes beyond fashion and its trends. If a trend doesn’t suit you, don’t follow it.

Wear confidence, be creative, & don't be afraid to break the rules! 

I am a risk taker by nature. My parents encouraged me to push the boundaries, so I love stepping outside the box and trying something different. It brings me great pleasure when this gives others permission to do the same! Don’t hide your truest beautiful self; you never know who you might inspire …

We have all been uniquely designed and created, now go, style & embrace your beautiful you!  X

Sarah Tolhurst along with her husband Samuel, love to travel, adventure & explore. They are two Aussies currently living in Calgary Canada. It is here they are apart of the team at C3 Calgary. Connecting with others all around the globe is their favourite, especially when it involves coffee or wine!

They have just hailed the arrival of their beautiful baby and are excited about the adventure ahead. Sarah is a creative, spending her time styling people, places & flowers, all while dancing from one thing to another. Discover more on her blog ::