Getting What You Came For

Words by Chrissy Burow

So the other day I was coming home from a workout and stopped off to get a coffee from the little place corner. It’s a pretty normal ‘routine’ I like to do – I feel like it solidifies my efforts at the gym (ok, maybe going too far there!). Anyway, so I got out the car and had every intention of going straight for my coffee, but then I got a little distracted by the boutique right next door that said SALE and may as well had a sign saying ‘FREE shoes if your name is Chrissy.’ So out the window went my desire for coffee, and in came my desire for fashion and good shoes. Not to bore you with details, but I came out with a pretty smokin’ pair of sandals I’d been eying off (75% off – what a bargain!) but here’s the important part of this story…..

I got back in my car and totally forgot about the coffee!!!

I came knowing what I wanted, what I needed, but I forgot all about it when I got distracted with something good (actually great), and went home feeling unfulfilled because I didn’t get what I came for.

It made me think about church. How many of us come to church to find Jesus, but then get so caught up in the experience that we end up leaving without him?

Let me break it down a bit. Sometimes we have every intention of coming to church to seek God, to find Him, but how easy is it once we get there to fall into the motion of doing church: we listen to the message, we sing the songs – we’re on autopilot - but we forget about the one we are singing to, the reason we gather, the reason we give. It’s easy to go through the motions – I’ve done it, I’m sure everyone’s done it at one point. I find I constantly remind myself to remember why I’m doing what I do. To actually think about what I’m singing, about why I give, about how powerful the word of God is. I remind myself because it is easy to get distracted and I can still leave with a great experience, but I don’t leave with what I came for – Jesus.

I love church, and I’m into everything we do to make our services reflect just how magnificent our God is – in fact, that’s part of my job, and I’m passionate about it…. But what a tragedy it would be if we created these incredible services but forgot about Jesus in the process. My heart is that we create services that connect people to Jesus and not distract them from Him. That everything we do lifts people’s eyes to see Him, and not stay focused on what a great job WE did.

The bottom line: Jesus is actually enough. If people got nothing else out of church, my prayer would be that they find and connect with Jesus.

There is power in His name.

There is healing in His name.

There is freedom in His name.

He is enough.

Chrissy Burow is the Creative Director of C3 Church Oxford Falls in Sydney and leads our Creative Community. She has been part of the core team for over 13 years and is an integral part of the C3 Music Team. You'll find her on keys or band leading in any of our services. Chrissy is passionate for the House of God and making it a place that is relevant to anyone who walks through the doors. She is motivated to be effective in whatever she puts her hand to!