Picture Perfect Life

Do you as a woman, wife or mother ever have those days when you think "My family or life seems like its actually in order for once" - You know, when your dream life matches perfectly with your reality, or mirrors what you have 'seen' from those glossy social media personalities that seem to have it all. But somewhere looming in the back of your mind is that un-nerving feeling that it won’t be long before something happens to up-end that wonderful place of being an actual adult and having your life all together.

Then suddenly you're thrust into the world of the perfectly imperfect - the one bill that comes in the mail and you think to yourself, when did I spend that much on my credit card? Or, when your child suddenly throws the mother of all tantrums in front of little old ladies who look at you disapprovingly, or the fact that yesterday your house looked like it was out of a home beautiful magazine and now your lounge room and dining table are covered in laundry – wait did I actually wash the underwear or just put them on the table? Can you relate?

I am the type of woman (I actually wanted to say girl, heck I am a girl trapped in an adult body – who doesn’t love to be a kid at heart) who loves the idea of having the immaculate home, an immaculately dressed family and all areas in life “together” in that grown up, adult kind of way. However, I've found that so called life of perfection and having it all together is not how I would view my life and I am now ok with that.  I tend to fall into the other category….the perfectly imperfect.

For a long time, I allowed my thinking and what was taught to me by society, to create what I thought having it all together was. I thought it was all about ticking all the boxes - accumulating wealth, having the perfect body and the glamorous, immaculate, nothing-out-of-place home. 

I had a desire within me to search out why I needed these things, or why plans weren’t quite working out how I expected them to or if had I missed a piece of the puzzle along the way. I think God was having a great laugh at my expense and he suddenly brought to my memory one of my favourite verses, Jeremiah 29:11 it says For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. They are to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you a future and a hope.

As I meditated on this verse, I loved how the Holy Spirit reminded me that His plans are perfect for us – even when we have those rough days that may not align with what we think is the perfect plan or what we conceive as the perfect life or having it all together – Gods plan of “having it all together” for us is so much better than we can imagine! The Holy Spirit reminded me to stop trying to direct my own path, or compare my beautiful imperfect plan to others around me, because his plan was not beautifully imperfect, but beautifully perfect just for me. Each of our paths are different and no two are the same. So, rather than looking at someone else’s life, take a moment to be thankful for life not being perfect the way you see perfect, God’s perfect is always better!


Brooke Schultz

Brooke is a down-to-earth dynamic mother, wife, business owner, connect leader and Events Office Manager, but she insists she doesn't always have it all together, all the time. She is mother to the beautiful Dominique and wife of Gerard, and together they serve at C3 Church Oxford Falls.