The Wonder of Creating with the Creator


Who can understand the way God births a dream in our hearts?  It’s as mysterious as the virgin birth.

10 years ago life was hurtling along as busily as usual.   Nevertheless during a snatched quiet time of prayer came the seed of an idea for a novel.  In time the seed took root and became a nagging thought, which prompted me to enquire about a writers’ group at church.  It soon became clear that to belong one must already have a manuscript!  The plot had thickened.

I got busy researching the creative writing process, and two quotes ignited my sanguine heart (high on intuition, low on analysis):

·       Sean Connery in ‘Finding Forrester’: “Don’t think, just start typing”.

·       Ernest Hemingway:  “The first draft of anything is ****.” (translation: “rubbish”) 

My interpretation:  Don’t worry about getting everything perfect first off; just give reign to what’s in your heart, and let the Spirit loose.  Excellent!  I began to type.

Abandoning all caution I plunged into that creative river that is purely God.  Characters exploded onto the page and had conversations and experiences and interacted with other characters.  Storylines emerged and flowed and it became obvious that the book had a life of its own which I was rushing to keep up with.  Was it all total rubbish?  Who knew?  But the journey was so thrilling that I charged on till the last words tumbled onto the page.

How wonderful if the story ended there – but not so.  Two more drafts and two years later the Global Financial Crisis happened and as my husband is an industrial developer, it hit us hard.  For five years all aspects of our lives were turned upside down in too many ways to describe here.  Traumatised, I decided that the book was unmitigated junk, and refused to touch it for six years.

By Grace we were salvaged and restored by the Lord.  Two years ago the book again began bubbling away in my soul, and my love for the story and characters was rekindled.  There was nothing for it but to finish what I had started so many years before.  Three more drafts followed, until finally ‘The C.G. Assignment’ was ready to be birthed.  It was time to trust editors and publishers with the delivery.

The delivery process boiled down to 6 months of overcoming fears, and being stripped naked in order to promote my own work, when I didn’t even know if it was any good.  70 sympathetic family members and friends turned up to a book launch, smiling encouragement and generously buying copies which I signed (like a real author). 

Happily Dymocks book store in Sydney CBD is stocking the book and now C3 Oxford Falls is offering it for sale.  Feedback has been so positive that my confidence has grown, as has my belief that my beloved book has the potential to bless many people. 

The journey of a dream is indeed a roller coaster one, but what a privilege it is to fly like an eagle with the Lord. 


About the Book: The CG Assignment opens the reader’s mind to a Creator who controls all of eternity while outworking long term and short term plans on earth.  The book follows the story of two families over three generations. It gives a close up look of the lives of each character in both families, whilst capturing the role of angels and demons and their relationship with these people and the call of God on individual lives.