Is anyone else like me? We go to bed thinking “yes, tomorrow is the day I’m going to get up early and spend time with God” then the morning comes and the sharp air outside juxtaposed with the warm, heavy doona is too tough to handle and you hit that snooze button again, and again.

I got to a point a few weeks ago that I was so fed up with myself I had to change something! I realised, one of the only things that could entice me out of bed was, as sad as this sounds, coffee!

I decided to rug up in as many layers as possible and brave the cold walk to the local coffee shop. As I walked there I put some worship music on and just waited on God.

The first few times I was forcing a prayer, praying for things that I was “supposed to”, but after a while I felt like I was coming to God trying to be someone I wasn't. I was unauthentic in my prayers and in who I was trying to be perceived as. What an exhausting task this was.

I had to make a conscience decision to take the pressure off from talking to God and be content with just spending time with Him. Even if I got through a whole walk and didn’t say a single word, that was okay.

I have surprized myself in the fact that this has stuck! I now look forward to rugging up and walking to the coffee shop, I look forward to talking to Him about honest, sometimes stupid things. Finally, this is better than a warm doona.

I think that so often we come to God with a works offering and then we wonder why we’re not experiencing anything in return… As soon as we try and justify our salvation with works we completely devalue what He did on the cross.

We need to come to him in grace and realise that all he wants is relationship… an honest, real, open relationship. He knows when we are faking or trying to hype ourselves up – He’s God remember!!

This real, come-as-you-are relationship is where true freedom lies and is something that will get you out of bed in the morning. 




Olivia has been a part of C3 Church her whole life & is now on staff in the Events Department. Her, along with her husband Daniel, love people, adventure & a splash of spontaneity. Olivia is sold out to building the vision of C3 Church.