Q&A with Amanda Jones

Amanda and her husband Kristian are the founders and owners of The Honest Jones, a creative studio based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. The Honest Jones is about creative work in its purest form; clean but not overly polished. Work that has depth, but not unnecessarily complicated. It is constantly growing and refining skills, whilst experimenting and being ok with the beauty in a raw outcome. We sat down with Amanda to chat about work, life and a few things in between. Enjoy!

What does a day in the life of Amanda Jones look like?
Generally it happens in this order: I wake up and remember my favourite fact in the whole world...that I am married to Kristian Jones! We fill our pre-work mornings with little things that excite us, to help cultivate good thoughts about the new day and overcome the crushing urge to sleep forever (thats just me, I love to sleep). It is usually as simple as grabbing a coffee from the cafe around the corner or admiring the sun rise over our ocean view. Also Kristian cooks us breakfast pretty much every day. Work looks different every day. I often start with emails and other biz admin for as long as I can hold myself to the computer. I trained as a dancer my whole life until recently, so long periods of time at a desk are still very unnatural for me. I break it up with cups of tea in the sun, small bursts of dancing, laundry (unglamorous but true) and prayer walking, especially if I’m feeling stressed. I usually have a catch up or meeting scheduled for mandatory human contact. And of course something tactile and creative is a must for every day! Evenings, we cook dinner, listen to music and relax...we’ve been playing lots of card games lately. Once a week I run a connect group, which I love.

What led you to start your own business?
Well I didn't actually mean to! A few years ago I felt very strongly a sense that God was directing me to quit my job as a nanny. He gave me ZERO other information about how or why or what to do next. I waited a long time to really be sure this was the right step and that Kristian was totally on board with it. Taking that step was the key to everything. I suddenly needed to figure a whole bunch of things around my creativity and work. It was a huge act of trusting God.

What are you most thankful for?
SO many things. Thankfulness is such an attractive quality. I used to be one of those “I’m sorry” people and really get down on myself for making mistakes. Now I try to give less excuses and pithy apologies and instead full time appreciate people! People are blooming great and sometimes you need to point that out to them. I have the most incredible people in my world. My journey navigating The Honest Jones has been surrounded with the most incredible people...the world’s best people! And I am so grateful for them.

If you could sit down with 18 year old Amanda, what would you tell her?
Find Kristian Jones and elope.

What are you're favourite Bible verses or quotes?
I have a bunch!
“He who supplies seed to the sower & bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness”...is written on the wall above my bed. It reminds me to keep planting and to be aware of what it is that I am planting. And the promise that what I give will come back to me in a better way.

Where do you see The Honest Jones in five years time?
I really don't have a plan. But I would really love to travel more and work in a collection different of places. I think in five years it might look more like both of us running things. Kristian already does a lot of ‘running things’ in his after work hours. Working and travelling together would be a dream. 

About Amanda Jones
Amanda is a Filmmaker, Art Director and dance floor enthusiast. Amanda developed her own creative process while studying at the Whitehouse Institute of Design and the School of Creative Arts, Oxford falls. Amanda and her husband Kristian live in their seaside home on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. They have been leaders in the creative community of Oxford Falls for the past six years. 

Website: http://www.thehonestjones.com