We are Architects of the Environment

Through prayer we prepare an atmosphere. We build a place. 

Leading into this years Everywoman Gathering at Sydney's Town Hall, you are invited as a valued member of our church body to build with us, to engage in prayer and make a way for God to do magnificent works in our midst this October.

The Lord has always partnered with womankind to accomplish His exploits on the earth. He is so engaging and inclusive in His approach to "Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done". He compels us to lean in and pick up the burden alongside Him. Jesus was a great example of a releasing leader He said "Greater things will you accomplish in My Name". He invites us to be a part of the answer and the breakthrough.

What a privilege to partner with the Great I Am. 

Prayer aligns our hearts to the Lords heavenly purpose. It causes as the hymn says "The things of earth to grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace" then, distraction loses its grip and we become focused.

Leading into the Gathering I pray our hearts would be aligned to the Heart of our Heavenly Father. His burden for the women and girls coming, His burden for our city and nation, His burden for this hour in the earth. I pray we would be truly awakened and mobilised, truly Now is the Time. Let us be a company of women who rise and respond and move and build, this week in prayer and in our daily life.

Please see our daily Instagram posts @everywomangathering for the focus as we pray Tuesday October 4th to Saturday October 8th. You are invited to join us for our corporate prayer meeting focusing towards the Gathering at either our west hub at our Silverwater location or our north hub at our Oxford Falls location Tuesday October 4th 7pm.

Much love, 

The Everywoman Team X