Your Super Boost for a Happy and Healthy 2017

Gluten free, dairy free, wheat free, soy free, nut free, meat free, sugar free, fat free, carb free… the list goes on. It seems as though our diets are more restrictive as we become more aware of what is best for our bodies. Whilst I admit I am guilty of at least three of the above, I wanted to share with you the importance of adding value to our health, not just taking elements away.

Now, I’m no qualified dietician or naturopath but I have had my fair share of health battles over the years and have spent time researching, educating myself and trialling different types of food to help my body become stronger and more resistant to illness. Why should we care so much about our health? Well, the bible tells us that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor 6:19). God has given us the amazing privilege of having His Holy Spirit reside within us. We want to stay fit and healthy for His service.

One dietary element I am passionate about is superfoods. Superfoods refer to foods with increased nutritional benefits to help boost your health and immunity. One easy way to do this is through smoothies! The thing I love about smoothies is that you can fit so much goodness into one glass. My nutribullet is my best friend in the kitchen! 

Here are my top picks of the best superfoods to incorporate into your smoothies: 

  1. Chia seeds – for fibre, protein and omega 3 
  2. Spirulina – for blood pressure, protein and a natural detox 
  3. Blueberries – for antioxidants and improved brain function  
  4. Flaxseed oil/meal – for omega 3, fibre and lowering cholesterol 
  5. Avocado – for potassium and healthy fatty acids 
  6. Acai – for antioxidants, healthy skin and the immune system 
  7. Cacao Powder – for iron, magnesium and calcium



Healthy living isn’t just about how you look after your body, it’s about the state of your heart and mind too. Whilst they say “you are what you eat”, so true is Proverbs 23:7 “as a man thinks in his heart, so is he”. 

The connection between our mind and body is a weird and wonderful thing. Romans 12:2 tells us that we can be transformed, simply by the renewing of our minds! My challenge to you is to reflect on the health of your body, mind and heart. Similar to adding superfoods into your diet, embrace your natural mix and find some areas of your heart and mind that could do with a little super booster! 

Here are my top picks for the best super boosters to add to your heart and mind:

  1. Thankfulness – try starting your day with thanking God for 5 blessings. Thankfulness is like an antidote that protects us from bitterness, discouragement and negativity. 
  2. Humility – be quick to say sorry and ask for forgiveness when you know you haven’t reacted or responded well to people or situations. 
  3. Courage – try something new or push through in an area that fear has been trying to hinder you. 
  4. Kindness – a random act of kindness or secretly blessing someone feels good for both you and them.
  5. Discipline – make a plan to read the word of God everyday and let His truth and words of life guide your thoughts and actions.


May you have a SUPER 2017!

Em x

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About Emily Mason

Emily is a 21 year old from Perth who moved to Sydney for C3 College in 2016. Emily previously studied her Bachelor of Arts in Media & Communications and Social Psychology. Now working at C3 Oxford Falls as the Service Producer, Emily loves being a part of making church happen, serving at youth and leading a girls’ connect group. Her hobbies include performing, singing, dancing, pilates and finding the best healthy cafes on the Northern Beaches.

Instagram: @emilyrmason