God Speaks and All is Well

At the end of 2016, I found myself completely exhausted. Mentally and physically drained by a year of stretching professionally in both positive and negative directions. Spiritually, however, God was my rock and I was determined to ‘not be shaken’ by whatever circumstances came my way.


In January 2016, God spoke clearly that His word for the year for me was ‘I will not be shaken’. We were singing a new song in church called “We will not be shaken” (Though the battle rages, we will stand in the fight and though the armies rise up against us on all sides, we will not be shaken….'). That was it! I knew right then, that the year ahead was going to be a challenge.


The first few weeks back at work seemed fine. I’d walk to school affirming in my mind and heart, “I will not be shaken, God help me be your voice today”. Then, you could basically say ‘all hell broke loose’. Seriously, from that moment on, my life at work (and also for many around me) became close to intolerable. ‘I will not be shaken’ became my determination! God had warned me and I was going to walk with Him through this storm.


Funny thing was, I still didn’t even realise that this phrase was a verse in the Bible until a few weeks later, in the midst of great stress and pressure at work, the Chaplain at my school shared with me Psalm 62 (having absolutely no idea about my ‘word for the year’!!!!). When I read it, I collapsed into uncontrollable sobs of complete release, knowing that God had just then, met me in that place. There it was, ‘I will not be shaken’. The poor Chaplain just looked at me with no idea what to do next. From that day on, Psalm 62 became very important to me: “1 Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from him. 2 Truly he is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken……” It wasn’t just an inspired song, it was right there in the Bible! God’s own words!


So, the year progressed and more challenges arose. However, it was a year where God was able to move mightily amongst my colleagues, where I could be strong for them in difficult circumstances and a time that stretched me more than ever before.


What is God saying to you for 2017? I know that whatever we face, he has given us the encouragement we need through His word, family, wise friends and maybe even through a song!


For me? It’s a new day. In the words of Kristine Surgeon’s amazing poem delivered as an oration at the C3 College Graduation in December 2016:


“Behold, I am doing a new thing

A new day is coming

Things are about to change

For I am your great deliverer

There is nothing too hard for Me…


Stand and fight for what I have promised you

Because I am doing a new thing

I will make a path in the wilderness and cause springs of life to break out in your desert…


And I am faithful to complete all that I have said I would

Because you are My people and I am your God

And so I will make a way for you

Behold - I am doing a new thing

It is a New Day – open your eyes and see it.” 

About Kerrie Quee
Kerrie Quee is a wife to Rob, mum to two girls, Rebecca and Emma and a primary school teacher since 1985. She works as an ESL teacher, part time as a prac advisor for the University of Western Sydney and also works for the family business (Sky Video Productions). Kerrie has attended C3 Carlingford for the past 21 years and is a kid’s church leader. Her interests include reading, running (keeping fit), music (she loves to sing and play the piano!!), catching up with friends, Candy Crush, fishing/boating/swimming at her favourite place, Forster!