Travelling our Backyard

“The grass is always greener on the other side.” The food is always better. The culture is always richer. The water is always more blue. 

One of the biggest travel-secrets I can share is that perhaps the grass is greener our side!

For some reason living on an large island in the middle of the ocean sparks a perspective that to truly travel and experience other cultures we must pay thousands of dollars and fly for twenty plus hours to a country where we cannot understand a single sentence. Sometimes what we miss is that we live in one of the most beautiful countries of the world.

Over the past two years I have become an advocate for witnessing the culture, beauty and sights of Australia. Whether it is hiking around Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, driving through the golden countryside of Northern New South Wales or spending spring riding bikes through High Country, Victoria. My aim for the past few years has been to travel my own country more than I travel overseas, not just because it’s cheaper, but also because I want to genuinely know the country I have been blessed to live in.

My most recent trip was over to Perth with friends and family, which far exceeded my expectations. The landscape is wonderfully different to anything I had experienced on the East Coast and the culture was vibrant and surprising. If you want to take the challenge and visit Perth, below are a few of my top picks:

  1. Rottnest Island - Rustic beauty meets crystal blue waters and over 63 secluded beaches - add this one to the bucket list! The ferry costs $75 pp return, and takes about 45 minutes. This island can be tailored to you - weather that is a daytrip or a getaway for a week. 
  2. Fremantle - A town engulfed in culture! The old buildings and buzzing lifestyle makes a for a great day out. Just a short train ride out of the city to spend the day lunching, exploring or a slow day by the bay. 
  3. Kings Park - For a view of the entire city, this is the perfect spot for a picnic - day or night. Or perhaps just a cheeky afternoon coffee.
  4. Perth City - Intimate European city is the vibe of King Street, spotted with designer shops and narrow art-filled alleyways, this area will make you forget you’re still in Australia!

My bucket list is slowly being filled with places in all corners of this country including a road trip to Broome via the dusty desert of WA, a weekend in Adelaide Hills and relaxing in Tropical North Queensland - there is still so much to see and do! 

Happy travels ladies!


About Bek Exton

Born and raised on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Bek is lover of lists, coffee, fine food and her world-class friends. She has a passion for people and to see them living their best life that God created. 


Photo cred: @tylerantcliff