Imagine That


The Bible is not supposed to be just read, it is not supposed to remain black and white, it is a collection of books that are supposed to be experienced, engaged in heart, mind and soul, and acted upon. When the book of Revelation was read to the Church in 90AD they would have been on their feet cheering as Jesus returned to defeat the great Dragon. The Corinthian church would have been in tears as Paul corrected them and the Israelites would have heard the passion of the prophet Isaiah calling them to repent.

Reading the Bible should engage your emotions, calm your fears, inspire hope and set you free. If you have found the Bible black and white, cold and lifeless then I want to inspire you today to jump back in and engage with the Bible on a whole new level.

I was driving home from Church the other day and a story that was mentioned in the sermon kept going over and over in my mind. It was the story of Moses walking into the water, before the biggest miracle of the parting of the Red Sea. So, I went home and read the verse in the Bible, it is found in Exodus 14.

Now my imagination went wild, as I imagined Moses in front of those whinging, unbelieving people walking into the water as God instructed him. He had just been chastised by God, to stop praying, move on and raise your staff! I imagined it from my own perspective, how would I react if God told me to do that? Not from the perfect Moses, the guy in the Bible that did almost everything right. I imagined it as though he was me, normal, with all my fear, his humanity screaming at him “stop being ridiculous, God is not going to do what he said”. So, let me take you on a quick journey of what I imagined as I read this text, to show you how our Bible comes alive and can change your life.

I could imagine his heart beating, it was drowning out the sound of the snickering taunts coming from the Israelites on the shore. You could imagine their doubts pouring out of their mouths - what the heck is he doing now? Are we going to walk through the sea, he’s not serious? This guy has allusions of grandeur, why did we follow him to our death?

Imagine those first steps as he walked into the water, his feet are now soaking wet. Each step a fresh threat of embarrassment and humiliation, each step he walked was one more he had to walk back in failure if this didn’t work. He feels the water at his feet getting higher and higher as it rises to his ankles, so does his fear and doubts. What if this doesn’t work? He imagines the walk of shame, wet and embarrassed. But God said move on, raise your staff! His trust and belief in God has to be greater than these doubts and fears.

As he continues he feels the water at his waist, he is beyond the point of going back, he can’t turn around now and say ‘only joking people’.  This was the point of no return, either this water parts or these people will die at the hand of the Egyptians. And then imagine, Moses closing his eyes and stretching out his hand over the great mass of sea, and you feel it, he feels it. It’s just a faint movement! Did that water recede from my waist, did that actually happen, am I imagining things? No.. Yes the water is receding from my knees, it’s parting. This is going to work – God is faithful to his promises!

As I read and imagined all of this, I was encouraged, faith is one small step at a time. It’s not big leaps, it’s putting one foot in front of the other despite the fears and doubts screaming at you to stop. It’s moving before you see the natural move, its stepping into that water because God said. You don’t wait for the waters to part, you walk in by faith and the waters will part around you! Because he is faithful who promised!

This account is found in Exodus 14:15-22, one small paragraph changed the course of history, this one small paragraph turned Moses into one the greatest leaders of all time.  This was the Exodus account that the Israelites celebrated and still celebrate today. It was one man’s faith and belief that God could and would do what he said, and one step of faith into that water that changed the history of that nation.

The Bible is living and active, it is the Word of God and as you read it let the Holy Spirit bring it alive to you. Don’t just read the words, live the words, meditate on them, ask yourself, how would you feel if God called you to do that? Live in its instructions, immerse yourself in the Word, get lost and found again in the Bible today.

The Bible is not a book of commands, rigid, rules to read in black and white. The Bible is alive, breathing fresh life into our daily walk and our future. So perhaps today you feel like you tried the Bible and it was a little boring to read, try it again. Take your imagination with you and engage with the Holy Spirit on an adventure that will change your life.

Today, live in light of His Word!  Psalm 119:30


About Katie Haldane

Katie is the creator of Trash Your Bible. She works at C3 Church Oxford Falls and lectures at C3 College.  She has a Bachelor in Theology from Alphacrucis College.

Personally, she is a self-confessed ‘book nerd’. She would prefer to be behind the camera (God has a sense of humour!) and loves nothing more than walking the streets taking photos.  She absolutely loves the Word of God and is passionate about people engaging with God through his Word.

Trash Your Bible is a concept that has been run through her New Testament Survey course for the past two years and has encouraged many people to engage with their Bible on a new level. It has helped so many so that we are now launching it to a wider audience.