Stir Up The Passion Again

'All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being.' John 1:3

Do you ever sometimes feel a little bit bored reading your bible, or a bit ‘out of touch’? You feel like you’re not inspired or motivated to read your bible or pray… I know I certainly do! However, I have found ways that have helped me to stir up that passion again and I hope you can too with what I have to share today.

We are all learners, however, the way we learn varies incredibly (Duh!). This is because God is a creative God and there is no just one way of doing anything. But what does this have to do with me and my time with God? Well, there are 7 key learning styles, 5 of which I want to touch upon and explain how they affect our time with God probably more than we realise!

NB: You can find out your own learning styles for free via the link below. 
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Personally I am a verbal and physical learner. I found that listening to preaches or podcasts or even just reading my bible didn’t always do the trick. And so when I learnt how I learnt the best, I tailored how I spent my time with God and the result was amazing. Daily I draw some of my favourite verses and I have a beautiful wall where I put them all. When I pray I read them out-loud. I also found drawing in my bible, underlining or circling key words or phrases to be engaging. Here is how you can do the same.

Note however that these are not limited to each style. I personally have done all these things and have found them all helpful in their own way. So change it up and get inspired!



You prefer using pictures, images, and spatial understanding.

  • Stick images of scriptures up on a wall in your room, or a space where you hang out with God. I find all my pictures from Pinterest – Feel free to have a look at my board of pictures here ( ).
  • Ensure the environment you spend time with God in is aesthetically pleasing because otherwise you will continue to get distracted by all the things you want to make look better.



You prefer using sound and music. 

  • Start your time with some of your favourite worship songs on Spotify and make sure your in a quite space because you would be more attuned to sounds, and could distracted by unwanted noise.
  • If your reading, try playing music that sounds like that Era. It will help you to step into the stories that you are reading.
  • Another way to liven up your time with God is to listen to Podcasts or Preaches (Ps Phil Pringle or Steven Furtick are always great!)



You prefer using words, both in speech and writing.

  • Journal your thoughts down about what you are reading or get yourself a bible with a journaling column on the side.
  • I have also found drawing out some of my favourite verses to be Super Handy! I feel so energized and I love looking at them.
  • Or read your bible out loud and adjust your tone as if reading to an audience. 



You prefer using your body, hands and sense of touch.

  • Go for a walk/run and listen to a podcast, that way you are moving which will help what you are hearing to sink in better.
  • Draw out some of your favourite verses and be creative! Use your hands and go wild.
  • Get yourself a nice bible that is nice to touch. You will always want to be grabbing your bible if it feels good!
  • Ensure you’re in a comfortable space if you are sitting down because any discomfort will distract you from your time with God.


You prefer using logic, reasoning and systems.

  • Create diagrams of what you are reading, whether it’s laws from the Old Testament, Genealogies or even events from the new testament. This way you can see the bigger picture and how all these events line up.
  • I also found watching “The Bible Project” on youtube to be super helpful in summarizing and dot-pointing hard to digest information about the bible.

We have a world of resources out there, and sometimes it can seem a little crazy. But I found it was worth filtering through the masses of information to find the little gems that ultimately help me to draw closer to God in my every day. 

About Ildelin Kruger 

Ildelin Kruger (Otherwise known by Linze) is a 21 year old student currently studying her Bachelors of Theology at Alphacrusis. She is a photographer and all round creative who is passionate about keeping our time with God creative, fun and powerful. 


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