Generosity: Q&A with Kelly O'Regan

Last week we sat down with one of the most generous women we know to chat generosity in all its forms. We hope you are as inspired by her pearls of wisdom as we are!


What does ‘generosity’ mean to you?

To me generosity is giving and also going just that little extra bit further. Generosity is about not holding onto what you have tightly, whether it’s time, money or words. It’s making that little bit of extra effort. I think it’s important to remember that being generous doesn’t have to be a huge act, small acts of generosity all add up and are equally as important.

When it comes to being generous with your time, how do you schedule your life?

It has definitely changed during different seasons. When I was in Bible College it was easier to be generous with my time because I was only working casually. This meant I had a lot more time to spend helping others.  In my current season, my career is a priority and very time consuming. I ensure I make a structure around my life to leave room to take opportunities to help people out. It’s about making sure I always have time within each month to do things for others and to serve at church rather than holding back and focusing too much on ‘me’ time. It’s good to have that balance.

What strategies do you put in place to be financially generous?

I find it really unattractive when a person is so consumed with what they have.
When we actively give to charities, sponsor children, tithe and give extra to church, it becomes evident that it is so much better to give than to hold on tightly to everything. When we choose to live generously, the things we have mean so much more because they are things we have prioritised and financially planned for. It also makes us stretch the money we do have further.
I invest and look after the items that I do buy so I don’t have to replace them as often. This means I have extra cash to spend elsewhere. Doing basic things, such as always making sure I take care of my shoes, getting them resoled and polished, ensure that I have them for ages and I’m not wasting money on disposable fashion. Having respect for the things that I’ve spent money on so they last longer, enables me to live more generously.

How do you take care of yourself whilst living generously?

One thing I’ve been trying really hard to do is eat healthy and prioritise exercise. I’ve joined the gym and I have a personal trainer, which is not cheap but it means I will actually work out. Also knowing what I need to do to relax and recharge is important as well. Being gentle and generous towards myself, means I have the capacity to help others more effectively.



About Kelly O'Regan

Kelly is a teacher at Oxford Falls Grammar. She is an active member of C3 Church Oxford Falls & Manly Campus and is currently working on completing her Master in Education.