How to Turn Mourning into Dancing

When I’m out photographing it will often feel as if I am dancing… Oh I don’t mean physically, because when I look down my two big clumsy feet are firmly on the ground.

But something on the inside of me is twirling and spinning and floating!

Finding something you love is letting yourself go and letting your spirit soar and I guess it is a lot like dancing.

You were made with a very complex set of abilities, emotions, characteristics, values, strengths and weaknesses. They work together in an ever evolving matrix, refining you and liberating you into all God designed you to be.

Tap into what you love, your passion, your dream... and begin the journey in that direction. 

In the last 20 or so years of my life I have been plagued with sickness of various kinds, one of the things I deal with daily is a huge amount of tiredness due to cardiomyopathy. I will be slouching around the house almost falling asleep and then as I pass a window I catch a glimpse of a yacht sailing by or a red sunset. In one moment of time, all symptoms of tiredness melt into awe and wonder. I snatch up my camera, I have never felt so alive. Grabbing the car keys I aim that car in the direction of this manifold beauty! Once arriving at my destination, out comes the camera, tripod and required lens. We scramble to find the perfect or not so perfect location. My mind is filled with possibilities, what is the best angle, what are the correct settings, how can I capture this marvellous scene and make history? Time is void of any motion, I am intent, I am focused, I am consumed with purpose and passion....

Upon returning home after a few hours of photographing, I make a mental note to myself;

How quickly the things of despair left my body and I was possessed by the joy of life. My body was dancing to a different tune. Let me not forget that sadness or tiredness need only last for a moment.

My passion for that which I love (photography) has indeed turned my melancholy into dancing.

For me as a photographer creation defies all human explanation, the use of my camera helps me capture what my heart sees.

About Wendy Philip

Hi, my name is Wendy I am a photographer and blogger. I live in beautiful South Australia and travel regularly back to New Zealand my homeland. These two wonderful places provide me with ample opportunity to explore and capture many exciting and breath taking images.