Never Underestimate the Power of Walking

Have you ever wondered why the promise land was won by a group of people, slowly walking around the walls of Jericho? In Joshua 6 we find the account of the people of Israel finally taking the promise land and it wasn’t by war or battle, it was won by worship and walking. I thought this was so unusual until God showed me the powerful disciplines that the Israelites learnt in the slow walk of the wilderness.

On 1st January 2017 God released a vision to me that was both terrifying and exciting all at once. God spoke so clearly, precisely and with so many details my brain exploded with vision! The vision was of a Bible website called Trash Your Bible that would help people read their Bibles, book by book. For the next 6 weeks, I was up until all hours of the night while God downloaded what the site looked like and its purpose. This was so exhilarating. But one feeling resounded above any other that I felt at that moment, it was the feeling of gratefulness for the slow walk that got me there!

Now let me be honest, before the vision was revealed I was not grateful for the slow walk in the wilderness, this vision had lingered for over 10 years. I’m not sure if you’re aware of this but after you’ve waited for five years, your years turn into dog years, every year you wait feels like seven! This was a long slow walk to the promise land but I discovered three principles of power in that slow walk that allowed me to enter the promise land in victory, let me share them with you.


I tried to find in Joshua 6 any objection of the Israelites to the weird way they were going to take Jericho, but there isn’t any. They had learnt to walk in obedience, one step at a time. My wilderness wandering was over 10 years and in that time God gave me short statements each year that kept me going. He would say: Study, Say Yes, Put your Head Up, Step Forward. It was so frustrating, I felt like I wanted to just make up a vision to pursue just so I could run with something more than two words!

But now I understand that each step slowly walked me to the promise land: I studied my Bachelor of Theology, I said yes to serving at the Christian Essentials Course in Church and I stepped forward when they asked me to teach at C3 College. These simple steps were taught one at a time, step by step, year by year and in each step, I was learning the discipline of obedience. Sometimes your walk is going to be step by step one foot in front of the other and it is frustrating, but don’t underestimate the power of walking firmly in obedience. This will be your foundation when he calls you to run!


The Israelites learnt to move when the cloud moved and stop when it stopped, they learnt to keep pace with God. Now this can be very annoying! Have you noticed that Jesus in the Bible never rushed anywhere (even when Lazarus died!), he waited. Jesus wants us to keep step with Him, to linger, wait and walk beside him. The relationship that you build with God in the slow times walking with Him, will be the foundation upon which he builds the rest of your life in the promise land. The Israelites knew all they had to do was walk with God and he would do the rest. So, get up and pray, read your Bible, the daily walk with Him will be the very power that breaks down the walls.


The Israelites knew that they needed each other, they depended on each other for survival in the wilderness, excess manna had to be shared or it would go off. It was all about learning to live in community. We need each other to fulfil the vision of God. The team that we have at TYB are incredible and I am so grateful for them! God puts people around you that will fill your weaknesses and carry the vision with you, when you learn to trust in others. I learnt to depend on people and serve others in the slow walk of the wilderness and I’m so grateful. The Israelites knew the power of walking around those walls as a community and that strength was going to take those walls down!

So today whether you are in the wilderness learning the disciplines of a slow walk or whether you have taken the promise land, never forget the value and power of those simple principles that God taught you. Learn to walk one step at a time in obedience, learn to walk next to Him at his pace and learn to walk in community. These will end up being the very power that brings the breakthrough into your promised land.

About Katie Haldine

Katie is the creator of Trash Your Bible. She works at C3 Church Oxford Falls and lectures at C3 College in New Testament Survey and Angels, Demons and End Times.  She has a Bachelor in Theology from Alphacrucis College and is hoping to continue her study to do her Masters in the future.

Personally, she is a self-confessed ‘book nerd’ and is not to be trusted in a book shop with a credit card.  She would prefer to be behind the camera (God has a sense of humour!) and loves nothing more than walking the streets taking photos.  She absolutely loves the Word of God and is passionate about people engaging with God through his Word.

Trash Your Bible is a concept that has been run through her New Testament Survey course for the past two years and has encouraged many people to engage with their Bible on a new level. It has helped so many so that we are now launching it to a wider audience.