3 American National Parks to Add to Your Bucket List

Going on an American road trip has been a dream of mine ever since I was a little girl and last month this dream came to pass. A dear friend of mine and I packed our bags, jumped on a plane and flew to LA where we hired an RV that we would call home for the next 3 weeks. With every hour that passed as we were driving, the environment around us changed drastically. Our eyes were truly opened to the diversity, greatness and creativity of God! Below are 3 national parks that I strongly advise you to add to your itinerary if you’re ever travelling the States. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did!


1. Joshua Tree National Park

Stoney hills, odd looking trees and desert sand as far as the eye can see, this national park feels like you are on another planet. When travelling in summer remember to pack lots of water! It’s HOT! We were drinking 3+ litres of water a day.


2. Grand Canyon National Park

Not going to lie, I cried at least once during our visit to the Grand Canyon. The beauty and greatness of it completely blew my mind! We entered the national park through the west entrance and visited Hualapai Ranch, Eagle Point, and Guano Point. Hualapai Ranch was so much fun and we ate the most delicious ribs for lunch! Eagle Point is simply incredible, as is Guano Point.


3. Yosemite National Park

Yosemite is magestic. From the moment you enter the gates you feel like you are in a fairy tale. The massive granite cliffs and rushing waterfalls aren’t like anything you will find elsewhere. Wildlife is plentiful, we saw deers, squirrels and all sorts of beautiful birds. Black bears also call this national park home but rarely come into contact with humans. The park offers a range of free talks and walking tours, so make sure you head to the information centre when you arrive to find out more details about these.

About Asha O'Brien-Grudzinskas

Asha is an adventure seeker and Jesus lover. She is currently studying Health Science at university and her heart beats to see others experience the freedom found in Christ. She loves almond milk lattes, long chats and summer days!