As For Me and My House, We Will Serve the Lord!

Antoni and I came into C3 as young single adults - our lives were changed forever. Very soon after my first visit I was attending weekly services, prayer meetings and connect groups.  C3 became my home and has remained so for 31 years.  I love the people, worship, Word of God brought to us by amazing speakers, and I love the community we reach.  I’ve had the privilege of working on C3 staff with the most wonderful people for most of those 31 years.

We met a few years later – we had both lived with the Saundercock family, who are pastors here at C3 Oxford Falls, (as single people at different times).  Their love for us, pastoral guidance and example of family life shaped us as a family.  We love Mark, Kerry and their family and are thankful for their friendship.

When we got married 11 months later, we decided that God’s house would come before our house and that one day our children would be raised in church.  We’ve been involved in serving all of our church days. King David instructed his son Solomon to build God’s house and be strong and courageous, because he would have success.  When we build God’s house and trust in Him, He truly blesses our family.  A key scripture for us as a family is Joshua 24:15 “But as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.”

Joanna was born in December 1994, just before the first Presence conference (then Ozfire) and attended conference daily with me.  Little did we know that she’d be a C3 Kids staff member and she’d be preaching at Presence Kids many years later.  Natalie was born in 1999 and attended church weekly from just 4 days old; she’s served on the C3 Kids team as a leader since she was 11.

Our parents are wonderfully supportive and we’re so thankful for their steadfast grand-parental influence upon the girls! Family is everything.

Joanna and Natalie loved serving in C3 Kids as little ones, setting up toys and welcoming kids, handing out biscuits and (very messily) pouring cups of cordial every week.

'Mikac4' served together at church, on various teams including C3 Kids.  We ran and attended connect groups; hosted families for dinner and formed friendships.  We’ve had boundaries stretched and remained firm on our beliefs. We were firm but fair parents (I hope the girls agree).  Now the girls are adults and our family lifestyle may have changed, but our convictions remain; - we thank God for our family, we pray together, church is attended & family is everything!  Mealtimes are spent around the table, birthdays celebrated with copious amounts of icecream and decorating “the birthday chair”, life choices (usually) discussed before decisions made, family times often include friends and ‘third daughters’, and there’s always food to share “in case someone joins us for dinner”. Oh, and we still argue over whose turn it is to put the star on the Christmas tree…  We’re not a perfect family - we’re not always kind to each other, but we do love and like each other a lot! We have individual interests, share combined enthusiasm and encourage each other.

One of the great aspects about C3, is that as an individual, couple or family, you can choose to do life together with like-minded people. I know that if you find such a person or people, you will be encouraged, supported, and you’ll find someone to encourage and support too. The life of faith is meant to be walked together with likeminded people.  God says that we should “encourage one another daily” (Hebrews 3:13).  He wants to us be connected first to Him, but also to His family, so that we have a support network for when we face difficulties.  May I challenge you to get connected? Find a Connect Group, get equipped to do life well, enrol in a Life Course, Essentials or Alpha, read the Bible or Kids Story Bible to your children, pray with your family, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Visit the Next Step Bar or website.

What are we doing now you ask? Antoni started C3 Cyclists, a group of guys who ride to raise funds for sick children.  Joanna recently graduated from university and currently works on C3 Kids staff.  Natalie is studying Interior Design, works part time and is on the C3 Kids leadership team.  I lead the amazing team of currently 65 scripture teachers from C3 NSW.  I also look after Child Protection Compliance for C3 Sydney.