The Perfect Father


I can honestly say that my dad was a great dad.  He was faithful to my mum, he was a good example of hard work and dedication, he provided for us and made sure we had security, he was fun and funny and he cared about us his kids.

But he wasn’t perfect. No dad is. And we should never expect them to be.

We have all had different experiences of our earthly fathers. Some of you didn’t get to have a father on earth at all. Some of you had a father but he was absent, either physically or emotionally. Some of you suffered terrible abuse of some kind from your father. And some of you like me had a great experience.

No matter what kind of experience you had with your dad, the truth is, that experience will provide the filter through which you see, understand and have relationship with your Heavenly father.

If you couldn’t trust your earthly father, you will find it hard to trust your heavenly father.

If your earthly father ignored you, chances are you will perceive God in the same way, as a God who ignores you.

And it works in the positive also. If you had a dad who showed you lots of love, care and attention it won’t be hard for you to see God the same way, as a God who freely gives you love, care and attention.

So, if your experience of dad was negative you may well think you are at a huge deficit in terms of having a healthy relationship with God, your Heavenly Father.

This is simply not true. I would like to propose that the imperfections of your earthly father are your greatest opportunity to receive revelation about your Heavenly Father. Because whatever your earthly father didn’t give you can be found in your Heavenly Father when you reach out and ask for it.

It’s easy to blame our fathers for our emotional issues. If only they had done that then I wouldn’t be like this. If only they hadn’t have done that then I wouldn’t be like this. But the truth is, with God in the picture, all the blaming can stop. All you need to do is identify what you have missed out on and ask God to be that to you, to reveal to you that side of Himself. What an amazing adventure it is to discover God as the Perfect Father.

He is perfect, there is no imperfection in Him. There is nothing He cannot give you because He is not operating out of the brokenness that many fathers are.

As we come to celebrate Father’s day, if you find it hard to celebrate your dad, celebrate the amazing Father you have in Heaven. If you don’t know He is amazing yet, start to ask Him to show you.

Whilst brokenness in fatherhood is passed down from one generation to the next, there is nothing broken about God’s ability to father us.

Don’t delay. Go and discover the Perfect Father. And celebrate Him along with your dad’s this Father’s Day.


About Emily Francis

Emily is wife to Glen and step mum to two incredible children. She is the much loved Dean of Students at C3 College.