A Message from Ps Chris


Spring is always a glorious season. I love the visibility of new green shoots; I love the scent of new growth and I really love the thaw of winter. We feel the warmth of sunlight through our woollen garments and we open wide the windows to breathe in all that spring promises.

September always reminds me that our ‘Everywoman Gathering’ is also about to ‘spring forth!'

My heart is posturing and pondering all the Lord will do in our midst and I close my eyes to hear His voice.

You know I love to sail... especially with my very own Captain Philip! What we have learnt over many years of such adventures, is to check all the gear works and that we also know where things are!!! (To know where the boat hook is incase a hat goes overboard is very important!!!)

Once all this is flowing and in order… trust me ,once that glorious wind picks up… we are truly humming in ‘full flight!'

So it is with our spiritual journey. As we do the essential groundwork (pretty much the unglamorous unseen stuff!) we can enjoy the moments where we can celebrate all that preparation. 

Behind the picture above, is a very bruised first mate sailor at the wheel – having stumbled across the deck as I moved too fast (own fault) and another day not wearing footwear and slipping over ropes (again my own fault!).

The bruises were all worth it though as we sailed across glorious blue waters to our desired destination.

The road to a life of ‘cruising altitude’ can be bumpy – and usually is!  But here we can learn the secret of those who ‘soar’ above inclement conditions and have a (reasonably) safe landing.

It’s not a glamorous answer as some may hope for, but an honest one from me to you.

We take our bruised or weakened lives to an inner place where The Lord waits for us. He waits for us to wait for Him. Often called the ‘secret place’ – but available to all. You don’t need to travel to the utmost parts of earth to find Him… just bow the knee and there He is. Closer than your breath and with a love for you that is deeper than your pain or anguish.

Here a strange exchange takes place. I call it the divine exchange. His strength for our lack thereof. His life for ours. Here the beige of us can be renewed as colours so glorious we could not imagine such life poured into us.

In this cocoon of communion, away from Facebook, Instagram, and other life distractions, we come face to face with our future image… through the love of Christ.

Then we can soar. Then we can emerge as a new species of being.

This is the great secret revealed.

So I am here to remind you… in case you haven’t heard or in case you did not know… this JESUS invites you to meet with him, and I am inviting you to join us (bruises and all!) to find new strength together at Everywoman Gathering.

Biggest love and hugs,

Ps Chris xo


About Ps Chris Pringle

Vibrant, colourful, inspiring, powerful, liberating, hilarious! Chris Pringle is both speaker and minister in high demand across the globe. With her husband, Dr Phil Pringle she is Senior Pastor of the C3 Church Sydney and Co-founder of the C3 Global movement – a movement that encompasses more than 78,000 people, attending more than 450 churches, in many countries throughout the world.

Chris is a regular speaker at her home church in Oxford Falls, Australia and major leadership conferences within the C3 Global movement (and beyond!). Her cheeky demeanour, wealth of experience and flair for style makes her a revolutionary speaker to men and women of all ages. Wherever she goes, Chris brings life, revelation, healing and joy. Everyone who experiences her ministry will find themselves inspired, encouraged and changed.