Greetings From Bobbie Houston

I love that as a daughter and woman of God, I am not expected to figure life nor calling out on my own. This past January I turned 60, which is somewhat crazy because I honestly feel like a 20 year old in my head, but that aside, six decades on the planet teaches you certain perspective. It doesn't matter how experienced you are at life or how many years you have up your cute sleeve - the truth is that each and every "new season" (and each and every invitation to soar to new heights) demands of us afresh ... it demands new devotion, new faith, new boldness and new realms of faithfulness.

I'm super excited to be with you all this year at "Everywoman".  I'm excited to share fellowship and worship together. I'm excited to laugh and learn with you, and I'm excited to witness Heaven at work in you.  In my opinion the world is on shaky ground ... which is all the more reason for us (as followers of Christ and daughters of this glorious King) to gather and renew strength.  I'm praying for you and believing for God's best in your life. As I often tell my own girls, Jesus is waiting for us. He's already in that room and He already knows what he wants to accomplish.

With much love, see you soon. 

 Bobbie Houston


About Bobbie Houston

Pastor Bobbie Houston is passionate about seeing all people find Jesus as their Saviour, gain a revelation of their value in Him and rise up to make a stand for justice on the earth. She is a beloved Pastor with a prophetic teaching gift, and has redefined the face of ‘women’s ministry,’ raising up a strong and capable company of women through a local Hillsong Sisterhood, global Colour Sisterhood and flourishing annual Colour Conferences that take place across five nations.