Plot Your Course

When I think of plotting a course I think of intentionality. Something done deliberately, ahead of time to ensure we reach our desired destination.

For the last 7 years God has gone ahead and plotted my course through the Everywoman Gathering journey.  Inspiring messages, visions, quiet words dropped into my spirit, conversations, and the themes have mapped my steps. This journey begins in New Zealand, 2010…


As part of an initiative in Fiji, my husband and I bought a shipping container, converted it into living quarters, shipped and located it in Lovu Seaside. The C3 Ministry Station became a reality in this poor community … a seed of great things to come and it captured our hearts! In times of breakthrough the enemy attacks and in months following, it became necessary to step back from the work in Fiji. We buried that seed in silent grief.

Everywoman Conference, NZ 2010

God whispers to my spirit “From your ashes My glory will rise”… Our seed, our dreams certainly were in ashes!

 A lady gives me a vision … “a burnt field, everything dead, then shoots of bright green burst forth”... hope reborn!

Ps Chris Pringle declares …“Sing to your freedom! Don’t let the song be stuffed down in you. Don’t let the enemy steal your victory, your joy, your song”… faith arose. Entrusting God with the seed, we moved to Sydney to prepare for ministry.

Everywoman Gathering 2015 'Dream Again'

A conversation with God.…

It is time.” He says.

For what?” I reply.

To go back to Fiji and start speaking again.

Dare I dream to believe that? Fiji, my home away from home. Fiji, the soil we sowed our seed.

Has it sprouted?! Is it the season of new shoots rising from a field of ashes?!


God was it You I heard or my own thoughts?” I chose to believe He makes Himself heard when needed. It was time for greater faith in His ability to speak than my ability to hear! We travelled to Fiji in September 2016. Our seed had sprouted and was now C3 Lautoka Church!

Everywoman Gathering 2016 'Now is the Time'

On return from Fiji I was describing the above conversation to someone.

That’s the theme, ‘Now is the Time'!” she exclaimed.

No, it was ‘Dream Again’ last year” I replied.

No, this year, the theme is ‘Now is the Time’ and you have just been to Fiji!

God’s perfect timing. He gave us the ‘go’ to reignite our dreams and get us planning, then we actually went under the theme ‘Now is the Time’. My thoughts shot to EW 2017… “Full Flight". I knew by then another dream would be realised, we would be full flight in ministry!

Ps Leanne Matthesius spoke at EW Gathering 2016 about God sending Hagar back to Sarai, confirmation that we should return to NZ.

Everywoman Gathering 2017 'Full Flight'

As I write this I am back in NZ serving as a Connect Pastor, planning family weddings, and a return missions trip to Fiji in November.

Trials come but God is faithful. He has shown me ‘ashes to glory’ is a journey that has no final destination on this earth, in this lifetime, but He will continue to go before me and plot my course. Everywoman Gathering is one of His co-ordinates and I await 2017 with excitement!


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About Judie Dickinson

Judie is an artist, speaker, pastor, wife, mother of 3 amazing adults and soon to be mother-in-law. She completed 3 years at C3 Bible College, Oxford Falls, Sydney before returning to New Zealand. Judie can be contacted on