A Royal Party!

Well, the years sure fly by when you’re having fun, when you love what you do, coupled with who you love doing it with! And now, we have arrived at 20 years of leading (and loving) ‘Everywoman Gatherings’ - how magnificent and spectacular is our God?

In the beginning, we were a small group of young mums with a dream in our hearts to connect, pray, support and yes…have fun together! Season after season, as we grew up alongside our children – sensing a greater purpose unfold, we launched into a one-day conference – sending out a wider invitation to friends around Sydney within ministry and leadership.

Professionals, stay at home mums, students, and retired women… all gathered under the banner of our King Jesus, to celebrate, worship, hear God’s word, pray and prophesy over one another … and the koinonia of ‘us’ was born. A beautiful space was created where women felt valued, ‘seen’ and loved… and you know what? Jesus turned up! His Presence woven into every moment, unique to every woman.

When asked what I’m feeling as we approach our celebrations, one word comes to mind… ‘Goodness’ (not, ‘Oh goodness, what has she done now’!) but a truly thankful to God for His love, favour and GOODNESS!

Our theme “CROWNED” poured out from my heart bursting with gratitude for all The Lord has done in our midst over 20 years. Women and children coming to know Christ; healings and miracles, and yes, an overflow of FUN!

Psalm 65v 11 is our anthem -

 “You crown the year with your goodness

Your ways overflow with plenty”

The images I saw in preparation so many months ago was that of a procession of the King’s daughters … clothed in HIS beauty and anointing, to serve others. Not a royal daughter who flaunted her worth in a material way … but one who put her hand to serving those around her, with compassionate authority.

She is a woman of worth, noble and kind.

Psalm 45 paints this picture for us. Her nature and attitude comes from the King she loves and serves. The psalm begins with her loyalty and respect for Him. She pours out her heart in poetic song.

My heart is stirred by a noble theme
As I recite my verses for the King
My tongue is the pen of a skilful writer
You are the most excellent of men
And your lips have been anointed with grace
Since God has blessed you forever
Gird your sword at your side, you mighty one
Clothe yourself with splendor and majesty
In your majesty ride forth victoriously
In the cause of

This is honouring of the King. I believe everything flows from this attitude. Oh, may our worship be like a river of praise to Jesus, poured out in joyful thanksgiving! As we honour The Lord, bowing at His feet in adoration, we are clothed with a glorious garment of beauty, sheer grace and humility. His anointing is imparted to us to live as ‘THE KING’S DAUGHTERS’

As we read further …this picture continues to unfold in verse 9.

King’s daughters are among your noble ladies
At your right hand stands the Queen in gold from Ophir.
Hear O daughter
Consider and incline your ear to my instruction
Forget your people and your father’s house
Then The king will desire your beauty
Because He is your Lord
Bow down and honour Him.

Our heritage is one of ‘blue blood’! Our lineage is heavenly, real and powerful as we accept our rightful place in the genealogy of Christ.

I am also aware that there are days (maybe years) when we look at our lives and see ourselves more like Cinderella… Scrubbing floors and feeling that our worth is forgotten, our efforts unseen. Perhaps having made decisions in the past where we live regret and shame. Clothed in rags and our hearts shattered. Love lost or never discovered. Alone. Afraid. Without hope.

I’ve got some good news today! Did you know you can re-write your future? Yes, the past happened. But it’s not to be the end of the story!

Many years ago, during the Jesus revolution days of thousands coming to know Christ …a band called 2nd Chapter of Acts hit the airwaves with a new and fervent sound. I loved them! One in particular is called ‘The Prince Song’. Written by Barry McGuire, their rendition was heart stirring.  

I’ve got a brand new story
Tho’ you’ve heard it a time or two
About a Prince who kissed a girl
Right out of the blue
Hey this story

Ain’t no tale to me now
For the Prince of Peace
Has given me life somehow
You know what I mean
My sleep is over

I’ve been touched by His fire
That burns from His eyes
And lifts me higher and higher
I’ll live forever with Him right by my side

He’s coming again
On a white horse He’ll ride
He’ll clothe me and crown me
And He’ll make me His bride
You know what I mean

Our Royal birthright begins with Jesus. when He touches us, cleanses us, redeems us, we receive the seal of His love and acceptance. Not a few of us, but all of us who bow our hearts and lives to His Lordship.

We are clothed in salvation and receive a crown of recognition and authority. What a joy. What an honour.  What a privilege. What a sacred responsibility. 

As we see who HE is, we become who WE are. As we walk in obedient relationship with Jesus, as we grow IN HIM, our royal status is revealed. We serve a Heavenly King. Not only a King. But THE KING OF ALL KINGS!

I love the journey of Queen Elizabeth. When she was crowned, she was a young woman, with little experience as she stepped in to her enormous role. I am sure she had her doubters and her critics.  But she took each step with dignity and carefulness. She understood the sacredness and sobriety of her appointment.

As the years have passed, she has held fast to the vows she made, through sorrow and joy, she has continued to fulfil her role. Whether you are a fan of monarchy or not, her example as Queen, is an inspiration to us all to fulfil our chosen callings. And I believe with all my heart – to serve The Kingdom of God as Daughters of the King, is the noblest of all callings.

EW-Friday-122 (1) copy.jpg

I so look forward to welcoming you all to join the celebrations of our 20th year of Everywoman, We will have a right royal party with lots of special treats and surprises for you all!

I love you … big hugs

Ps Chris

Chris Pringle