Re-defining What Our Best Life Looks Like


After a big year in 2017 both personally and in my work I was feeling burnt out and in some ways, spiritually dried out. Nothing had gone wrong to justify the way I felt, in fact, many wonderful things had happened across the year and I was grateful for all that God had worked in my life and business. However, I found myself questioning the disparity between how my life looked to others and how I felt about it.

After much reflection, I realized I’d spent the whole year striving to operate at what I had seen as being my ‘maximum potential’ and it had reaped outward rewards but it had nearly destroyed me.

This is not a new concept but I think particularly as women, it’s one we need to keep revisiting as we seem susceptible to comparison and confuse living at our best with being “Beyonce-like; Queens of multi-tasking, busy, all-providing, always at our best and having it all’. Once I realized why I felt the way I did, I found myself considering what it actually means to live at our maximum potential; when we’re operating at full speed, at full capacity and in God’s will if it’s not the “busy” lives we lead. And had a revelation of what our best life looks like.

For starters, our ‘maximum potential’ is already determined and set by our maker; God. We’re all made to operate most effectively in a certain space and in a certain way; a space that God created us uniquely for. I hate to bring my love of all things Italian into this blog (Not really... I love any excuse to do so) but I actually had a revelation of this idea in the Amalfi watching cars trying to move around the winding, congested roads. I saw several luxury cars that had been made to go at high speeds but most of them were moving at 40km/hr or keeping to speeds that accommodated the traffic around them (And didn’t have them flying dramatically off the cliffs). It made me think of how they had probably envisioned their road trip; cue Cary Grant & Grace Kelly in To Catch A Thief with the wind in their hair as they sped around the coast. But that’s what happens in life; some of us get comfortable sticking with the pack and edging along at the speed of those around us. Some compare themselves to others and think they’re doing okay because they’re running the race well comparatively to other. And yet, like those high-speed cars, we’ve been made with an innate rhythm at which we’re made to run at and for a purpose on certain terrain. Our ‘maximum potential’ is a measurement set by our manufacturer and not one to be compared with others.

Secondly, operating in our own strength does not maximize our potential. In fact, it diminishes it. This was the biggest revelation for me in relation to my year. This might seemingly conflict with my last illustration, but sometimes living at our ‘maximum potential’ isn’t grand or fast. It’s not about being busy and doing it all. It’s about working out why God’s put you here and for what purpose, taking what you have in your life and fulfilling that purpose at all cost; and sometimes there are quiet periods in that because God’s not out to kill you and you have to be equipped in the quiet season for what’s coming.

Which leads to my third revelation, that when you’re on the path God has set for you, it comes naturally. It’s intrinsic to you; you’ve got everything you need internally and externally to do the task (Maybe not at a constant flow, but it comes!) God has made it so. When we’re living our maximized life, we don’t obsess about how we can retire from it or quit it because we have a passion for it. We’re no longer busy, strung out and stressed out; we’re fulfilled and driven and in the slipstream God carved out for us. 



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About Lauren Hung

Lauren Hung is a calligrapher and hand letterer from Sydney, Australia. With a background in fashion design and journalism, Lauren combined her two interests in March 2014 when she launched the blackline by lauren.

Inspired by her upbringing in Sydney’s flower growing district, Lauren’s work continues to reflect her love of seasonal blooms & fashion through delicate love scribbles curated for dreamers, achievers & world- changers. In recent years, Lauren has sat on a creative panel for Toyota and The Cusp and hosted sold-out calligraphy workshops across Australia.

Working predominantly with commercial clients, Lauren has completed work for international luxury brands and national clients including Tag Heuer, Van Cleef & Arpels, Giorgio Armani, Tiffany & Co, Bottega Veneta, Moet & Chandon, La Prairie, Audemars Piguet, Patron, Lardini, Audi, Thierry Mugler and Swarovski. Lauren also designs and scribbles for wedding stationery, tattoos, custom artworks and wall murals.