A Gift Card? Yes, Please!


What could be better than a shopping spree?! A shopping spree when you’ve been given a sizeable gift card, of course! Ahhh the freedom, the unrestriction, the joy when everything has already been paid for and you don’t have to add up all those purchases.

Did you know there are millions of dollars in Australia alone of unused gift cards annually? Noooooo, what a waste, especially when a generous person has already paid for them.

I love giving & receiving gifts. What a great feeling it is to give someone something they absolutely love or what they’ve always wanted. Yet if I gave someone a $50 or $100 or even a $1000 gift card, I imagine I’d feel pretty ripped off if they never used it. I mean, it cost me something.

I often think about the price that Jesus paid for us, and how much it cost Him. Yes, I’ve received salvation & eternal life. But do I receive (or redeem as it were) all that He has paid for – the forgiveness, the healing, the freedom? No, I can never repay Him, and we’re not supposed to.  But we can redeem it in full. 

Imagine how Jesus feels, ‘I went through all that pain, and you only redeemed a fraction of it’.

We have all been given a gift card – just look in your Bible.

It has healing on it, physical & emotional. It has peace on it. Freedom from guilt & condemnation. It has abundant life, prosperity, spiritual gifts.

It’s already been paid for.

Sometimes it’s very easy to redeem – you pray a prayer, ask for it.  Boom! You receive it.

But here’s the thing, it’s up to us to redeem the gift. In the same way that a Tiffany necklace is not going to magically appear on our neck, it’s unlikely that our promises from God will just land in our lap.

Often times, it can take a little longer, be a little harder.

Like a random, tucked-away shop in the middle of seemingly nowhere, you may have to go out of your way to find it.

I know I had to really fight to have a gift card honoured that had already ‘expired’ (is that even fair? I mean it’s been paid for right?).  I’d been given a sizeable gift card at a reputable linen store. The expiry date came & went and I didn’t even notice. Months later I went into the store, found a luxurious blanket and went to use my gift card. Invalid. Excuse me! It’s already been paid for! I pleaded with the shop assistant, who rang the manager. Declined. I emailed head office then phoned them multiple times. Pleaded, begged, whinged, prayed. Rang again and again. It took months until they finally relented. After all, it had been PAID FOR! And I found myself the proud owner of a luxurious linen sheet set!

Here’s the thing. It never would have happened if I hadn’t been persistent.

There is so much available for you & me, but it’s UP TO US to redeem it all. Let’s be bold and persistent and not settle for less than the full price that Jesus paid. He loves you and truly wants the best for you.

With much love,
Danielle xx


About Danielle Pearce

Danielle met and fell in love with her husband John, in her teens. They were married in 1995 and have 3 beautiful children; Jackson, Mitchell & Jemma, who are the apple of her eye.

She’s mother of the house at C3 Kawana Waters on the Sunshine Coast. Danielle has a passionate love forJesus, His church and His people – her desire is to see all people experience the freedom and fullness of life that God intends for them. With her husband John, she is privileged to oversee C3 Australia.

She has completed a nursing degree & a postgraduate diploma in Midwifery; she is the ultimate baby whisperer. Danielle loves all things to do with baking, the beach & a little bit of healthy competition! Her generous nature, sweet spirit & big heart is contagious. 

Instagram: @daniellempearce
Website: www.ourc3.com