Pause in His Presence

2018 was a BIG year. If I’m honest with too many commitments made, maybe it was too BIG.

In the midst of an extremely full schedule that consisted of returning back to the corporate world after 4 years off, running my husband’s video production business alongside him, serving as part of the incredible C3 Silverwater team, starting C3 College and of course keeping our home and our 2 x not so little ones (Addy 10, Riley 4) moving and grooving - life was good, busy but good.

By the end of the year, I was pretty spent and needed to find a better way to keep things moving in a healthy and fruitful way. 

I’m grateful though that even in the midst of the crazy of 2018, I found myself in deeper calmer waters with God. I felt His covering in every area. I heard him whisper some hard truths about how I was operating and he highlighted some key areas that needed re-adjusting. He kept meeting me in the craziness.

Coming into 2019 and the need to re-adjust, I’ve made one key change.

Truthfully, spending time with him has always been a bit on the go - sometimes mornings, sometimes at night, I had never found a good rhythm that was consistent. But to make 2019 work for me, I needed my time with Him to be consistent. 

So I decided to start my day with the PAUSE.

All the way through the Psalms in the passion translation, the phrase PAUSE IN HIS PRESENCE is repeated over and over again.

My mornings (most mornings) look like this - a 6am CrossFit session, back by 7:15am, banter & cuddles with my babes, getting ready for work and then ahhhhh… the PAUSE. My morning coffee + commune with God. An uninterrupted (ok mostly interrupted) 10 mins of my favourite worship song on repeat, time in His word to understand it better, prayer for more of Him and more of His ideas and strategies..and just then just pausing in His presence.

The PAUSE has been the most effective habit I have implemented in my schedule. Life is still full and I continue to juggle life and its many projects,  but the PAUSE has changed my rhythm and mostly my perspective for my day, and therefore my life.

In the PAUSE He has shown me the importance of keeping my eyes on Him at all times, no matter what the cost. In the PAUSE I am constantly challenged to keep my heart and motives pure. In the PAUSE He has shown me areas I needed freedom from. In the PAUSE He highlighted the most important factor to me personally to get right - which is my home life. Loving my husband well, quality time and present time with my kids, keeping the house maintained. These very simple revelations came only in the pause and only in His presence. I didn’t need anyone to correct these habits, cause He was given the room to tweak my heart and speak to me.

The PAUSE is my most sacred place and time. Everything flows from this. My love for God, for my husband, for my kids, for my work, for my friends, for my business, for HIS church. In HIS Presence is where my heart is steadied and I find my rhythm, rest and revelation. It’s where I most experience His kindness and understand HIS deep love for me.

Ps 3: 8 TPT

My true hero comes to my rescue, for the Lord alone is my Saviour. What a feast of favour and bliss he gives his people! Pause in his presence.


Junne Duquilla

Junne Duquilla serves on team at C3 Silverwater as Service Producer, alongside her amazing husband Redgie. She is also mum to Addy (10) and Riley (4). She currently works in marketing, is Project Manager at Onsight Films TV and has a love for CrossFit. Junne loves the House of God and has a heart to see the church thrive and flourish!

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