Be Still and Know I Am God

About 6.5 years ago, after years of facing one difficulty after another, I had reached a point in my life where I was tired, run down, stressed, lost my joy, lost my peace, lost hope, was angry a lot of the time and was not in a very good place.

It was during this very desperate and difficult time that I had an encounter with God, like nothing I had ever experienced in my entire life as a Christian, that would go on to completely change and transform every part of my life.

Having grown up in Church and as a Christian I had always thought of meditation as a bit of a taboo subject. I certainly knew that it was not a pathway that would lead me closer to Jesus. Yet, through this very low period in my life God began to give me a revelation of Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know I am God”.

I had always had a prayer life, albeit often in the car or the shower or some other rushed time or place. But I felt God calling me to simply take time to sit, slow down, be still and BE with Him.

I started to practice this every morning and what started out to be a search for peace, respite and relief from the pressures I was facing, turned out to be that and so much more. My entire life, family, home, business and marriage have been completely turned around for good.

But it was even deeper than that. Through learning to meditate on God I have found peace, contentment, calm, my identity in Jesus, purpose, soul healing and experienced spiritual growth in ways I never even knew I needed. I have realised that the practice of learning to be still and meditate on God is the most important and most transformative practice in our Christian life – and for me it was the link that had been missing.

I meet so many people who share the same story as me – they are longing to find ways to stop, breathe, be still and spend more time with God because somewhere deep inside us we know it is the only way to fulfil the longing in our soul and restore peace, hope, calm and strength to our busy lives.

One of the ways that helped me to learn how to be still in God’s presence and meditate on Him is this simple little quote – Be still ~ Be present ~ Be aware of His presence -


Find a few minutes in each day to get aside and just BE with God. No need for any praying at this point. In fact, no need for any talking at all. Simply sit and start to communicate with God from your heart in the stillness. The Bethel song “A little longer” says it beautifully “You don’t need to do a thing. Simply be with me and let those things go”


Your mind will try to wander and worry about all sorts of things. That’s normal so don’t be troubled by it. Just simply keep returning your mind and thoughts to Jesus and think about His goodness, grace, love, perfection, mercy, help and strength. Soon you will begin to feel calm in your heart and worries start to drop away.


As you sit there in the stillness with your thoughts turned toward Him, you will begin to sense His presence with you. It’s not so much a feeling – you may or may not “feel” His presence. It’s more an awareness. In the stillness you become very aware that He is in you and He is with you.

When you reach this point of beautiful stillness and awareness of His presence, you have found the secret place. Enjoy it with all your heart!



Leah Bulfin is a wife and mother of 3 gorgeous young men, business owner, blogger, social media influencer, television host and meditation teacher. Although a Christian and in church all her life, Leah had reached a place in her life where she was very stressed, tired, worn out, unhappy and angry a lot of the time. During this very difficult season, Leah felt God calling her to seek Him more deeply and discovered the life transforming power of learning to be still and meditate on God.

Realising that so many people today live with more stress and pressure than ever before, Leah is passionate about helping others. Through her retreats, speaking in Churches and other events, her blog and television show, Leah reaches over 14,000 people weekly, inspiring and teaching how to be still, how to find peace, feel calm, connect more deeply and intimately with God and find Him in the secret place.

Leah and her family have been a part of C3 Oxford Falls for over 22 years.

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