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5 Travel Hacks For The Ultimate Globetrotter - Italian Edition

As an idealist with an (arguably) warped sense of reality and a long held desire to live in a Dolce & Gabbana campaign, it seemed only right that my next destination abroad be Italy. From the overflowing limoncello, to the promise of the world’s best pizza, to the glorious masterpieces of old, housed in embellished galleries, Italy holds a certain magic that has captured the imagination of countless people before me. As it is peak season in Europe, I thought it might be enlightening to do a little recap of my Italian travels circa 2015 - So with the beauty of retrospect, I humbly bring you these top tips and tricks to assist you in your travels:

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Travel has always been about escapism for me. Internally wracked by a debilitating first world anxiety to ‘see more of the world’, it has been my escape from such terrible plagues as the school term, the Winter blues, uni assessments, the clinical surroundings of a 9-5 cubicle desk job, or a moderately balanced diet.

It was January 1996 and I was splitting a smile that threatened to explode off my face because it was my FIRST TIME ON A PLANE and better still, I was going to SINGAPORE and HONG KONG. #exotic

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The Power Of Rest


Its been a tough few weeks in my family. I was really feeling it and so I decided to take a day off and escape to the mountains . I was scheduled to leave at 1pm last Sunday. At around 10.30 am on Sunday I got a text inviting me to be involved in a very cool ministry experience that night.

My 52 year old self  declined. If I was to tell you I declined without the thoughts crossing my mind – what a bummer, wonder if that opportunity will come again, wonder if I have let anyone down – I would be lying.

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"If you do not know how to ask the right question, you will discover nothing." W E Deming

Over the past year I have been increasingly teaching myself to ask the right questions. Being of the female gender - I seem to possess an inner drive to ask a multitude of questions and have concluded that my brain loves to feed off them!

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Living out The Gospel in the Missionary Fields - With Sylvia Jarry

“Age shall not weary them” – MY MOTTO for the remainder of my life.

What an amazing trip I ventured on with Andrew & Janine Kubala last year in my 70th year. It was challenging to say the least but what an adventure we had with the most wonderful team of men and women.  Such fun to be around!

From the incredible outreaches we had in the villages where we sat under the amazing healing anointing of Andrew and gave our testimonies of God’s grace & love.

We saw hundreds of people give their lives to the Lord, healings taking place right before us and people being delivered and set free from witchcraft. I prayed for a young lady who received back her sight!   What a joy - this was really living out the gospels.

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A Home of Hope in India - by Georgia Tyndale

HIV is the world’s leading infectious killer, leaving more than 36 million dead and another 36 million infected since it first appeared 33 years ago. That’s like wiping out the population of Australia one and a half times over.
In the heart of south India lies a place where statistics, stigma and disease do not dictate outcomes. Chandrakal - Home of Hope was established for the sole purpose of caring for HIV positive orphans.
Chandrakal’s doors officially opened in 2008 with only 7 children, but news spread quickly around India and within a year they were at full capacity with 60 children. How the children got there is a story of it’s own. Some children were left at the door with no papers or identity, others were abandoned at railway stations. One boy was left on the side of the road with only a sign around his neck saying “Chandrakal”.


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Under African Skies - by Rachael Dobra

It was an early morning prayer meeting at the Global Conference in KL where I felt a gentle whisper from God, a call to a small act of obedience. I felt to speak a word of encouragement to a young South African lady I was praying with, to share with her just a simple sentence, “I see God using your voice as a key part of your ministry”. I spent a moment wrestling with the thought of whether it was indeed God speaking or not, but decided to take the step of faith and share it with her. 

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Everywoman South Asia 2014

Sue Botta

November saw 11 Australian women, including Ps Chris Pringle, head to Nepal and India for 3 women’s conferences, 1 youth conference and 1 young girl’s conference.  It makes me wonder what would have happened if the Disciples of Jesus had not taken up the last command of Jesus - The Great Commission - in Matthew 28 v 18-20. 


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I See Women

After completing C3 College in 1988 I went with Mark and Bernie Kelsey on the church plant to Long Island, New York. I was there for almost 14 incredible years, worked and lived in Manhattan until I was put on staff as an Associate then Assistant Pastor at C3 Long Island. It was the adventure of a lifetime. In 2003 I returned to Sydney and am now the Assistant Principal at C3 College- which I love!
In my role at College I get to go back to the US. This time I stopped in LA to catch up with some graduates, went back to NY to preach and to see dear friends and then onto Vegas for the conference.
On this trip here is what happened to me – I saw Women. I really saw Women.


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Freely You Have Received, Freely Give!

Freely you have received, Freely give!

Matthew 10:7-8 ‘As you go preach the message, the Kingdom of heaven is near. Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.’

I recently had the privilege of travelling to the Philippines with the Young Adults Missions trip from C3 Oxford Falls. This was my first time visiting an Asian country and my first overseas missions trip. I had a lot of mixed emotions … from excitement to experiencing anxiety as the time drew closer to the trip. I knew I was in for a trip of a lifetime and couldn’t wait to get on the ground. 


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Esther's Voice

Have you ever been confronted by a problem that is just too big to solve? A large immovable mountain that dominates the landscape of your world. Shifting it seems impossible. Overwhelmed and intimidated you open your mouth to speak...

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