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The Elizabeth Moment

I've got to start writing today with a very guilty confession. I am very partial to a bit of eavesdropping. There is nothing better than people watching, and sneakily overhearing a conversation. I know that no one will ever come near me again after this admission, but I don't think I am alone in this secret. 

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Imagine That

The Bible is not supposed to be just read, it is not supposed to remain black and white, it is a collection of books that are supposed to be experienced, engaged in heart, mind and soul, and acted upon. When the book of Revelation was read to the Church in 90AD they would have been on their feet cheering as Jesus returned to defeat the great Dragon. The Corinthian church would have been in tears as Paul corrected them and the Israelites would have heard the passion of the prophet Isaiah calling them to repent.

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Greetings From Bobbie Houston

It doesn't matter how experienced you are at life or how many years you have up your cutesleeve - the truth is that each and every "new season" (and each and every invitation to soar to new heights) demands of us afresh ... it demands new devotion, new faith, new boldness and new realms of faithfulness.

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Plot Your Course

When I think of plotting a course I think of intentionality. Something done deliberately, ahead of time to ensure we reach our desired destination. For the last 7 years God has gone ahead and plotted my course through the Everywoman Gathering journey. 

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The Perfect Father

I can honestly say that my dad was a great dad.  He was faithful to my mum, he was a good example of hard work and dedication, he provided for us and made sure we had security, he was fun and funny and he cared about us his kids. But he wasn’t perfect. No dad is. And we should never expect them to be.

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The one word I got at the beginning of the year to meditate on through 2017 was 'clarity'. I remember thinking 'oh, that's a nice word.' Who doesn't want a bit of clarity? Who doesn't want to see a bit clearer? It seemed like a pleasant, almost sweet word.

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Never Underestimate the Power of Walking

Have you ever wondered why the promise land was won by a group of people, slowly walking around the walls of Jericho? In Joshua 6 we find the account of the people of Israel finally taking the promise land and it wasn’t by war or battle, it was won by worship and walking. I thought this was so unusual until God showed me the powerful disciplines that the Israelites learnt in the slow walk of the wilderness.

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How to Find Peace in Him

Have you ever wondered, “I thought I’d have my life together by now…”, “Is this what I’m meant to be doing?”  or perhaps ever thought, “Am I going in the right direction?” or “Am I doing enough?”. I recently pondered these questions, and found myself instantly stressed because without realizing it, I was trying to find affirmation in what I was doing, rather than who God has called me to be.

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The Potter's Wheel

The Potter sat at break of day,
And gazed upon His chosen clay,
Then they began - the clay and He,
The dance of life, on spinning wheel.
With gentle hand and watchful eye,
The Potter caused the clay to rise.
But what is shapeless mound of grey?
So dance they must and so they stay. 

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