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When your heart is breaking and love is the only way through

It’s Saturday morning and I am struggling to tear myself away from the news.

My heart is breaking and my head wants answer. 

There are weeks when the war against good and evil in the heavenlies, pervades our natural world in ways we never thought would be possible.  When evil breaks out on our streets and in our communities and stabs wildly at our hearts.

This week was one of those weeks.

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Everywoman South Asia 2014

Sue Botta

November saw 11 Australian women, including Ps Chris Pringle, head to Nepal and India for 3 women’s conferences, 1 youth conference and 1 young girl’s conference.  It makes me wonder what would have happened if the Disciples of Jesus had not taken up the last command of Jesus - The Great Commission - in Matthew 28 v 18-20. 


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I See Women

After completing C3 College in 1988 I went with Mark and Bernie Kelsey on the church plant to Long Island, New York. I was there for almost 14 incredible years, worked and lived in Manhattan until I was put on staff as an Associate then Assistant Pastor at C3 Long Island. It was the adventure of a lifetime. In 2003 I returned to Sydney and am now the Assistant Principal at C3 College- which I love!
In my role at College I get to go back to the US. This time I stopped in LA to catch up with some graduates, went back to NY to preach and to see dear friends and then onto Vegas for the conference.
On this trip here is what happened to me – I saw Women. I really saw Women.


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Free Indeed

I love the words ‘free indeed’.  There is something so sure, so definite, and so inviting about them. Jesus has sent us all a personal invitation to live a ‘free indeed’ life.  I love it that He didn’t say free, but said free INDEED! The benefits of such a life are wonderful - peace, joy, victory, balance, and best of all, passing all of this on to others. I want to take up everything Christ offers me and I know it pleases Him when I do. Let’s face it, He went to a huge amount of effort to make it available to me.

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