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Under African Skies - by Rachael Dobra

It was an early morning prayer meeting at the Global Conference in KL where I felt a gentle whisper from God, a call to a small act of obedience. I felt to speak a word of encouragement to a young South African lady I was praying with, to share with her just a simple sentence, “I see God using your voice as a key part of your ministry”. I spent a moment wrestling with the thought of whether it was indeed God speaking or not, but decided to take the step of faith and share it with her. 

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Everywoman South Asia 2014

Sue Botta

November saw 11 Australian women, including Ps Chris Pringle, head to Nepal and India for 3 women’s conferences, 1 youth conference and 1 young girl’s conference.  It makes me wonder what would have happened if the Disciples of Jesus had not taken up the last command of Jesus - The Great Commission - in Matthew 28 v 18-20. 


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Time To Upgrade - Talking with Julie Maconachie

Everyone who knows Julie Maconachie, loves Julie Maconachie. A relaxed, fun-loving, ‘together’ friend, skilled pastor, sought after primary school teacher, engaging communicator, frequent patron of good cafes on the Northern Beaches, surfer chick, and a lady who never stops learning (she is currently part way through a MA in Christian Studies, majoring in Leadership). 


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