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The Big Picture Is Always Bigger Than You Can Picture

Photography for me is many things: a fun thing I do in my spare time, a source of income, a gift from God, but more than all of this, in my own way, it’s is the ability to worship.

It began as a creative outlet but as I developed skills in the area and spent more time doing it, the way I saw life through the lens turned into a way of life itself. I’d always be looking for the beauty in things to capture the perfect image, but then I’d take my eye away from the camera and realise the world would still look the same: simply beautiful.

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You Were Made For This

Do you have a hobby that you could do for hours? Do you have a skill that you could get lost in time doing? Do you wake up thinking about your talent? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then do a little happy dance and start putting your skill to work!

The thing that you love doing the most, the gift that God gave you is the thing that will change your world! 

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