The Power of Kids Ministry

As a young adult who grew up in church I have never struggled to understand the power of kids ministry in raising up men and women of God. It was in kids ministry that I first experienced the presence of God, I remember watching carefully the way the worship leader swayed from side to side while praising God and carefully copying so as to ensure that I too, felt His presence. I was confident that God loved me and that I had a relationship with him and made it my mission to read the New Testament at the age of 10. I wrote songs to Jesus just like the ones I heard at church and I prayed against my fears at night and asked God to be with me. One of my first revelations of God was at 11 years old when I was overwhelmed at the prospect of moving cities and went to my bible to ‘just see’ if God had something He wanted to tell me. I quickly found that He did indeed.

In my experience the question has never been whether or not God wants to meet with His kids but rather, whether or not we are providing a place for them where there is faith and guidance to allow this precious relationship to grow.

Every year at Everygirl we see God move powerfully on our young girls as they spend time in his presence – some of them experiencing His presence for the very first time. We see God speaking directly to the young girls hearts and we encourage them to be bold young girls who are full of courage and who are BRAVELY kind to the people around them. We encourage the girls to step out in their faith and think about what they can do to build their relationship with God.

This year will be no exception as the girls learn that NOW IS THE TIME. Now is the time to take that next step to deepen their relationship with God and to reach out to the people around them. God is with these girls and we believe that as they discover just how close He is, they will move with confidence and anointing in their lives.

Our young ones learn that God is with them and He is protecting them so there is no need to fear, they learn that they can be kind to the people around them and that they can love God all the time. While we believe that eternal seeds are being planted in the hearts of these young girls we also believe that the understanding of fun in His house grows as well! We love having connect groups with the girls where we chat, laugh and craft together as well as playing some all to hilarious games. We believe that this year these girls will come out of Everygirl having experienced the power & presence of God, developed new friendships, all whilst having way too much FUN! 

To celebrate & encourage the incredible experience that is attending the Everywoman Gathering as a Mother & Daughter duo we are offering all Everywoman & Everygirl combo tickets the chance to win a $100 Seed Clothing Voucher. Just make sure you register yourself and your daughter by next Friday the 7th October to be in the draw! And if you have already bought tickets you are automatically in the draw!

About Sacha Mahony
Sacha Mahony is the Service Leader for the Oxford Falls 10am Service, and has served in the team for the past 5 years and has been on staff for 2 years. She is passionate about providing a foundation for kids from which their relationship with God can grow and unfold, in a fun and inclusive environment. Sacha is a phenomenal preacher who engages kids and leaders with a fun and fresh anointing.